When Mercari Make An Offer Bundle Shipping Label Is Wrong

 What happens when the Make An Offer Bundle Shipping Label is Wrong?

While listening to my friend and fellow reseller Esme talk with others during a recent live stream video on her channel Reselling with Esme on YouTube those in discussion brought up having issues with a new feature on Mercari that I hadn't experienced or heard about.

Mercari updated their app version of the marketplace, Make An Offer with the ability for buyers to select multiple items from the same seller to create a bundle and then send an offer for all of the items to the seller.

Though the ability to "Make an offer" on a single item for sale is available on both the Mercari website and app, the ability to make an offer for multiple items as a bundle only works with the app at the time of this article and associated video.

I decided that if anyone offered me a decent bundle offer in the future, I would accept it so I could find out how it worked and talk about it.

Fortunately, a few days later I received my first multiple item bundle offer from a shopper.  It wasn't the best deal, but I accepted it.

It looked like a normal "Make an offer" other than listing all the items that were to be included in the sale, instead of just a single item.

Then I went to create a shipping label, and this is what I recall Esme and her live stream guests talking about.

When I clicked the "Create shipping label" option, there were no options to edit the shipping weight, which I found intriguing, because I knew if Mercari were to generate a shipping label based on their bulk rate labels, the shipping price would be over three pounds.

What I didn't expect was for Mercari to generate an underweight shipping 15.9 oz First Class shipping label for the bundle.  That concerned me quite a lot, and so I messaged the buyer letting them know I needed to put the bundle processing on hold until I heard back from Mercari for a inquiry I submitted about the issue.

Fortunately the buyer was understanding, and after digging through Mercari's Help section and finding no information about creating a bundle, I eventually stumbled across the help section for "Make an offer". It didn't even cross my mind that Mercari would put information about creating a bundle under the make an offer section, but that is what they did.  Unfortunately, they only provided a very vague outline of how it works, and in retrospective, it makes sense.

So I fooled the Mercari Help section into letting me make a customer service inquiry, I say fooled, because Mercari provides a very tiny list of possible questions or options that you can choose to get through to their customer support.

I let Mercari know that their 15.9oz First Class label wasn't enough to cover the weight of the bundle offer, that I didn't see an option to edit the label and how would they like me to fix it?

Meanwhile while waiting for a response, a second bundle came in from another shopper, then a third one.   The third one I rejected because the shopper low balled me buy over 50% of the value. Then when I countered with a reasonable discounted price considering I was already at bottom prices for those items since I was clearing them out to get ready for a move, that person countered my counter offer with the exact same low-ball offer.  So I blocked them.  Never waste your time with low-ballers who are jerks.

The second bundle offer I was interested in however, but only depending on how the shipping label issue resolved to my satisfaction with Mercari customer support.

Around five hours later, I received Mercari's response from their customer service which I discuss in the following YouTube video.  And ultimately I ended up feeling comfortable enough accepting the second offer from the other shopper also. 

I put the inquiry to Mercari, their response and my advice and suggestions for how you should handle this issue into a video so you can see the actual customer service inquiry as I discuss it.