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2021 has been a new year in so many ways. After the global pandemic wiped out my business and a few friends, I found I didn't have as much to say about selling online. People were not selling for different reasons, here in California I was banned from running my business, because providing retail goods and not being Amazon, Target or Walmart, means you're non-essential. Those that were able to sell have made some really good money.  In May 2021, I decided to change the SellerThink YouTube Channel back into its original name of Randy Dreammaker. It just seemed more suitable. I had changed, my interests had changed, everything seems more valuable now, including how I utilize my time. (Why does this sound like the beginning of a Resident Evil movie)

I started Facebook in 2008 when a couple from an old church bugged me until I gave in.  To be honest, I really never liked Facebook the thirteen years I used it. That didn't count all the times Facebook damaged my trust with its hacks, privacy violations, new feeds psychological experiments or the more recent overreaching censorship, social justice propaganda, manipulation of the US Elections, or banning public figures.  In 2021, Facebook started fact checking and censoring posts between friends and family, things we would have joked and talked about if we were sitting around together by the pool. Quite a few times, I and others, fact checked their fact checkers, and their fact checkers were clearly engaged in propaganda. If you're interested, click to learn more about what I did with my Facebook account and why.

Everyplace I Am
The more popular I've become online (no on knows me offline, I'm like Batman), the more places I can be found online.  I used this link service to try and collect some of the best places where you can find Randy Dreammaker related websites, videos and current projects.

I've said it now for several years, Mercari may be new, but in most categories, its the best web and app based marketplace in 2021 to sell online. It has a few disadvantages, but only for the moment.  If you're interested in Selling on Mercari. Click the link above to get a coupon towards your first purchase when you sign up. Why not! Everyone loves free money. 

A new path began in 2019 after my mother passed away. Probably in part to keep busy and focused when I needed the ability to do that the most.  I began developing a Minecraft Adventure (currently in beta testing). Then In 2021 I officially launched SkyThrusters Minecraft Bedrock Developments, which consists of a website, YouTube tutorials, and play through videos of current projects under development.  If you like Minecraft and play on a version of Bedrock, give it a look.

This particular SkyThrusters Minecraft Video about creating a cloned chest was a lot of fun to edit.  I love using fast cuts and metal music.

Not everyone appreciates my artistic skills, but that's ok.  It's rare that those clicking the Thumbs Down on a video, any kind of video, even have as much talent as my three year old niece, when it comes to making a video. But I understand, sometimes I really want to click the Thumbs Down on a video, but I resist. But whoever clicked Thumbs down on this particular video, you're just jealous that you have no talents and have to come to YouTube to watch videos.

How to clone a chest in Minecraft Bedrock - step by step.

Archive of SellerThink Articles before 2019.