AI Art Designs by Randy Dreammaker

Randy Dreammaker A.I. Art Designs

So what exactly is an A.I. Instructed Art Design? While anyone can create images with the right A.I. tools, creating meaningful art designs using an A.I. tool requires the ability to describe an artistic vision in a way that an A.I. supercomputer understands. To achieve this effectively, possessing the knowledge of art techniques, artistic verbiage, and having training in various non-a.i. art forms helps.

Randy Dreammaker is a trained artist in graphic design, life drawing and acrylic painting. Some of his paintings have appeared in art shows around Southern California.

This page represents art designs Randy has created utilizing A.I. design tools. Some are a combination of A.I. instructed graphics and manually manipulated artistic additions.

These digital art compositions are placed chronologically.

The Mountain Troll

A 2024 Randy Dreammaker A.I. Instructed Art Design

The Mountain Troll by Randy Dreammaker