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I am a digital creator and one of my favorite forms of art are MEMES. See some of my most popular MEMES and learn about what motivated me to create it.

National Security Threat

Meme Motivation: X Social on Valentines Day, February 14, 2014 the term "National Security Threat" trended prior to an upcoming pending meeting between Joe Biden's Admin. and several National Security Agencies over a yet to be disclosed pending crisis.  House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Chairman Mike Turner issued the following statement. "... I am requesting that President Biden declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat." 

Apparently this preemptive announcement by Chair, Mike Turner was prevent a cover-up by the Biden Administration and to prevent Joe Biden who was recently declared by a special investigator as "to old, senile and cognitively declined to stand trial for illegal possession of classified documents and sharing information" with foreign enemies in association with his son Hunter. By making it the issue publick before the meeting, it forces transparency.

Meme by Randy Dreammaker, of Joe Biden sitting in the Oval Office saying "Everything is Awesome" while the window behind him shows Godzilla approaching".  Text at top say's, "National Security Threat" and "Breaking News"

Everything Is Awesome

Meme Motivation: For the past four years of Joe Biden's questionable installation as overlord of America, I have watched democrats riot, protest, burn down small businesses, block freeways, loot train cars as they traveled through Los Angeles County in California, mob looting, black on white hate crime attacks, push anti whitism, racial division, millions of people enter the US illegally, the most corrupt political, social and government attacks on a former president. A president who insults and attacks Christian and moral voters in America calling them facists and nazi's. A person whose administration is made up entirely of every conceivable perverted and sexually degraded arch type recorded in history. Who has taken America into a proxy war, who falls asleep during world summit meetings, takes more vacations than any president in US history. A man who has significant cognitive mental decline and doesn't know where he is immediately after giving speeches, the names of the world leaders he invited to meet with him, and whose mumble jumbled words sound like those of a severe stroke victim. But he enjoys ice cream, lots and lots of ice cream.  

Meme by Randy Dreammaker, of Joe Biden wearing dark military sunglasses while eating a vanilla icecream waffle cone, in front of a massive building fire. White Text on the meme says, "Everything is Awesome".

It's Good To Be The King, Unless you're asleep

Meme Motivation: In all my life, I never imagined America would have a president that is both woke, yet asleep at the same time.

Meme by Randy Dreammaker, of Joe Biden falling asleep with his arms crossed and wearing a black face mask. Top of the meme says, "Typical day for the big guy". Bottom of the meme says, "4 more years or 4 more hours, he won't even know".


Meme Motivation: Someone posted a version of this that only had the balls and the words, "Thank God somebody in this country still has balls" written in giant letters across the map with an arrow pointing to Texas. The second I saw it, Florida stood out as a penis to me. The big writing across the map looked gaudy so I removed it.  Then I got to think, if Texas were America's "balls", and Florida were it's "penis", that makes California it's "Anus". Suddenly it made sense to me, I was looking at the Anatomy of America, so I outlined California and tagged it, tagged Florida, Tagger Texas and added a Googly eye and the Words "Anatomy of America".

Meme by Randy Dreammaker, of America as a beast with an eye, anus, penis, mouth and balls.

I See Dead People

Meme Motivation: News media outlets released video of President Joe Biden talking in a speech. In the speech Biden claims that in 2021 he spoke with French President Mitterrand.  However, President Mitterrand died in 1996. If this were the first time it wouldn't be MEME worthy, however Biden has repeatedly mentioned meeting with, seeing or talking to dead leaders during video recorded speeches, meetings, public events.

Meme by Randy Dreammaker, of Joe Biden looking at Bruce Willis with the words "I See Dead People" above. This recreation is reminiscent of a scene from the movie by the same title.