About Randy Dreammaker

About Randy Dreammaker

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Randy Dreammaker watching an actor and makeup artist take a selfie
Watching an actor and makeup artist take a selfie during a break

Randy Dreammaker sitting in a leather lounge chair at Paramount Pictures
Sitting in a leather lounge chair at Paramount Pictures
waiting to see a private Sony screening of the movie After Earth,
with around 500 other Cinematographers.

2022 Bio

  • Public Name: Randy Dreammaker
  • Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Education: Randy has degrees in Biblical Studies, Film Production, Advanced Cinematography.
  • Countries Lived: America, Japan and Guanajuato, Mexico.
  • Known For: Producing an award winning documentary film.
  • TV: Worked on the crew of an all black cast tv series
  • Acting: Randy acted in a black film festival award winning short film; a Sci-Fi movie pilot, a horror short film, and several others.
  • Film Production: He produced an award winning documentary film, Co-produced and Directed several film productions, worked on multiple commercials, multiple short films, a mainstream music video, a Sci-Fi movie pilot, and a feature movie that was released in 2021.
  • Estimated Net Worth: In 2020 during the California Lock Down, Randy was searching the web one day to see what kind of things have been posted about him. He came across a website that had collected all of his film work from IMDB and estimated his net worth at $10,000,000. In 2022 Randy appeared on a Wiki page with the same $10 Million Dollar Estimate, but for the Wiki someone had broken down the estimated earnings as shown in the screen capture below. In response Randy said, " If it's Prophetic, I'm all in. Otherwise, it has been a fun conversational topic to discuss with friends. I literally have no idea what I would do with a 4 Million dollar a year salary. The taxes on that amount of money must be insane. If I had that kind of money, I'd move out of California with my first paycheck. You would think that someone going to the trouble of breaking down that 10 Million into years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds would at least know how to write $4,000,000. Additionally, based on their break down of $1,140 per day at $19 per hour. I would have to work in at least five multi-universes to achieve the required 60 hours per day"
In 2020 and 2022, a website and a Wiki, estimated Randy Dreammaker's net worth as 10 Million Dollars.
  • YouTube: He has hosted the SellerThink YouTube channel since 2013. [From 2010 to 2011 he appeared in the YouTube web series, Hiking with Randy]
  • Favorite Quote: Psalm 1:3 in the bible:  "They are like trees planted by a stream of water. They yield much fruit in season, and their leaves do not wither. In all that they do, they shall prosper."
Randy Dreammaker accepting Third Place Award As Producer at a Film Festival
Accepting Third Place Award As Producer at a Film Festival

Randy Dreammaker acting in a Sci-Fi Movie Pilot
Acting in a Sci-Fi Movie Pilot in 105 degree weather at
4AM in the California, Joshua Tree desert.

Beta Testing

Randy has beta tested on the following projects:
Randy Dreammaker waiting to begin filming on set downtown.
Waiting to begin filming on set downtown.

Randy Dreammaker working with a hundred thousand dollar ARRI film camera.
Working with a hundred thousand dollar Arri film camera.


  • Active - Movie reviewer for IMDB
  • Active - Local Guide For Google Maps
  • Active - Yelp Business Secret Shopper since 2009
  • Past -    Randy was a Top Ranking Product Reviewer for 14 years for Epinions and Shopping Cart product review websites until they were purchased by Ebay and eventually closed. 
Randy Dreammaker working on set at a military museum
Working on set at a military museum

Randy Dreammaker working on set of a commercial
Working on set of a Canadian commercial


  • 2022: Randy became an Independent Contractor
  • 2020-2021: Locked Down In California.
  • 2014-2020: Randy owned an online business in California. In 2022 he was forced out of business by the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom along with 48.9% of other California small businesses.
  • 2013: Randy traveled across the U.S. living in a Honda Element for four months filming a documentary in Oklahoma, a horror film in Missouri, inside 15 caves in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri and Northern California, he acted in and worked on a Sci-fi movie in Joshua Tree California, worked on several Canadian Commercials and a music video.
  • 2009 to 2013: Returned to college and earned certification in Advanced Cinematography and Advanced Film Making. Won third place as producer for a documentary film at a film festival. Had a film he produced and directed appear in two film festivals. Three films he worked on appeared in film festivals and won awards. 
  • 20 years in the educational field in USA and Japan

Randy Dreammaker strolling down the studio lot at Paramount Pictures
 Up until the pandemic changed everything, I spent a day each year
at Paramount Pictures with thousands of other Cinematographers.

Randy Dreammaker working on a movie
Working on a Feature movie. It was released in 2021
a whole ten years later.

2022 Projects and beyond

  • Mercari Shopping Directory - A directory to help search engines and previous customers find Mercari Stores.
  • RGAP Creative's Minecraft Developer. - Currently developing, coding and Beta Testing the "Washington Has Fallen" adventure in Minecraft Bedrock.
  • Redesigning and updating the Official Randy Dreammaker Website
  • Host of SellerThink on YouTube

In comparison to visiting Universal Studios Tours, the behind the scenes of a working studio like Paramount Pictures is actually kinda of boring. Just a bunch of people walking around working.
In comparison to visiting Universal Studios Tours, the behind the scenes of a working studio like Paramount Pictures is actually kinda of boring. Just a bunch of people walking around working.


A little insight about Randy Dreammaker's hosting of SellerThink YouTube beyond 2022, the new Live Community Polls and what led to the programming shift.


Randy studied Islam and The Quran as well as Christianity and The Bible in college. He has two degrees in Biblical Studies.

While working in the film industry, Randy hired both Muslims and Christians for film crew members when he was in a lead position. His favorite production assistant is a Muslim woman who wears a hijab on set.

He recently said in the YouTube Community, "We all have mutual respect for each other. Just as there are radicalized minority groups within the entirety of Christianity, the same is true within Islam.

Normal people, regardless of religious belief, agnosticism, or no belief do not pointedly make it their purpose to insult, harass or attack others they do not agree with.

Normal people focus on making a living, taking care of their friends and family, protecting the sovereignty of their nation and let their vote in elections be their voice. They don't go out and stand on freeways, burn down buildings, loot, or find reasons to insult others. Unhappy people, angry people and radicalized people do those kinds of things."

Free Speech

Randy believes in Free Speech, the 1st Amendment protected speech. After spending considerable time over several years talking and learning from the former political chair of the American Independent Party in California, he learned a lot about U.S. law. His mentor in the A.I.P. passed away complications during the 2020-2021 Global Pandemic. Randy is not directly affiliated, nor a member of the A.I.P.

Poll Topics

When creating a poll as the Host of SellerThink, Randy recently said, "I take current trending conversations and attempt to provide a valid point from all perspectives.

Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I miss that mark. The goal is always about providing a place for conversation that the mainstream media doesn't allow."

Mutual Respect And Free Speech

In regards to Censorship and Free Speech on YouTube, Randy had this to say:

"YouTube filters comments according to their rules. SellerThink has a few moderation rules in place to help keep the conversations "General Audience" and free from attacks on others. SellerThink rarely needs to removes comments that attack people or groups individually, but when needed we will.

There is never a genuine reason to need to attack a persons beliefs, race, etc. who disagrees with you. I'm not always right, you're not always right, the next person is not always right. But along with free speech comes responsibility.

You can not go into a movie theater and yell fire, without being responsible for the legal implications that result, despite it being a "private entity". Like wise if you go into a court room, before a Judge, no-matter how partial or impartial the judge is, if you tell it to F-Off, they will hold you in contempt of court and through you in Jail.

So while yes, you can do it, you assume all responsibility.

About so called Hate Speech. At least in America, it's protected speech under the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. No state government, elected leader can take away your right to say whatever you want. But as with all speech, their is responsibility.

If you yell to a police officer approaching you, "I have a gun" while putting your hand into pants, they're going to shoot you dead. But at least you will have gotten away with saying it, Kind of.

If you're ever arrested for so called, "Hate Speech", chose to remain quiet and call the best constitutional attorney you can hire, otherwise in the current progressive states of America, you're going to jail. Possibly even being held without bail or getting to see a judge."

SellerThink's Change on YouTube

When SellerThink began on YouTube, it was entirely focused on the niche topics surrounding selling online and marketplace reviews. In 2020 viewership dropped 75% because states like California forced small business out of business. All of the marketplaces online went into survival mode. Up until this time, during the history of the channel politics, and controversial topics were never allowed on the channel.

During the pandemic and afterwards however, politics and controversial topics became a topic that could not be avoided. Small businesses were either out of business or struggling to survive and return in some form. There was no PPP money or other funding or loans available to all of the small "at risk" businesses ran by independent contractors with few or no employees.

Randy is located in Los Angeles, California where all of his stores were forced out of business for two years, while corporations that contributed money to it's Governor, Gavin Newsom were allowed to remain open. Stores like Home Depot, Target, Walmart and other commercial entities with deep financial pockets were allowed to dominate the online and brick and mortar landscape of retail sales, with few limitations on quantity of occupancy. Meanwhile small businesses and churches were forced to closed, threatened with prison time if they broke the "emergency law enforcements", and in a few cases the governments even sued and a few churches for holding their federal constitutionally protected gatherings.

Randy felt it necessary for SellerThink to change as the online marketplace and reselling landscape shifted.

The democrat majority US Congress passed the American Rescue Plan and hidden inside of it was a law that devastated small businesses and new online sellers trying to return. It changed the historical IRS reporting Requirements for when a Marketplace is required to issue a 1099 Tax Certificate to the sellers. Dropping the 250 Minimum sales and $20,000 net requirement down to $600 and no minimum sales within a year.

As a result of all of the national harmful changes that have occurred under progressive leadership, SellerThink began taking positions on some issues that go counter-cultural to those who dominate media, propaganda and opposing laws and entities pushing anti-business, anti-mutuality, anti-equality and anti-competitive progressive socialism.

The "Reckless Hat" did a good job of hiding Randy Dreammaker's long hair on YouTube between  seasons from 2015 to 2021. In some videos you can see the pony tail when he turns.
The "Reckless Hat" did a good job of hiding
Randy Dreammaker's long hair on YouTube between 
seasons from 2015 to 2021. In some videos you can see
the pony tail when he turns.

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