Ebay gives sellers $10 for Halloween

$10 Ebay Coupon for Sellers - Halloween

Back in 2015, I was pretty impressed when eBay gave sellers $10 for Halloween.  That was a long time ago in terms of marketplace changes.

I still think eBay is a good option to sell on, even though my sales fell following the pandemic lockdowns in California and haven't ever recovered.

At the time of this update in 2023, I currently sell on Mercari and eBlueJay, in addition to sometimes on eBay.  

EBlueJay is my favorite because once you join, there are no extra fees, and while
sales are generally slow, you can get a sale every once in a while.

Mercari recently increased their fees closer to ebay.

On eBay, the 10% fee on shipping hurts sellers. 

On Mercari, if you're selling anything under $5 you'll pay around $1.10 in fees because Mercari's new processing fee is 2.5% plus 50 cents, where as most of the other marketplaces are still 2.5% plus 30 cents. 
It all adds up.

On eBlueJay, no selling fee, no listing fee, your processing fee will be whatever Stripe or PayPal is currently charging.