Storenvy Custom Store Themes 2016

Storenvy Custom Store Themes 2016

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A very popular question that comes up often, especially on Storenvy's Facebook Group is the question about where can a store seller obtain a customized theme for their Storenvy custom store? 

Back in 2014, there were about five artists and web designers who were selling customized themes for Storenvy Custom Stores, here in 2016 I hadn't heard of any that were still involved in creating them for Storenvy, mainly because there is bigger money and more demand for Shopify theme artists and web designers.

That all changed today, when one of those theme designers popped back up on the Storenvy Facebook Group, one who I had known about back in 2014 who does nice work.

Storenvy Custom Store Themes by Envy Looks

ENVY LOOKS ($12 to $20)

Borislav Ivanov is a web designer, artist and custom theme designer from Bolivia who has been creating themes for store owners who want their own original custom Storenvy, for at least four years.

He just announced that he is once again available to take custom orders from Storenvy store users, in addition to the pre-designed custom store themes that are available for purchase directly from his Envy Looks Store

"Every theme is easily installed and I am always available to help if needed." 

This is great news for anyone selling on Storenvy who wants to upgrade their look beyond the standard default layout with a average price range from $12 to $20.

You can visit Envy Looks to browse his already designed themes and if you need something unique or original, you can contact him through the contact form on his store, hit him up in the Storenvy Facebook Group, or send him a message on Facebook. Borislav Ivanov

Looking for something more fancy?

Updated: 4/28/16

OH DELECTABLE ($50 and up)

Though I have no history or recommendations about Oh Delectable  another Storenvy Custom Theme Designer for Storenvy, you may be interested in taking a peak at their offerings also, which begin at $50.

 Oh Delectable Storenvy Themes are custom designed starting at $50

Oh Delectable (Click Here) has designed the following stores on Storenvy, Check them out for a taste of custom work they have already completed for these stores. 

THEME CHAMP ($90 and up)
Looking for a more modern and mobile Fashion Storenvy Theme and happen to have at least $90 to spend?  Then you may want to hire Theme Champ or purchase their Delilah theme.

The Delilah Theme is very modern and classy, but it comes with a price.  Having no history or prior experience with Theme Champ, I am only presented their information for your consideration and not making an endorsement of their work.

 Delilah Theme for Storenvy Stores by Theme Champ is modern Fashion in its essence

Brock Cady of Storenvy Recommends (Update 4/12/16)

Brock Cady of Storenvy recommended New Shop Designs for custom themes.  We wrote about it  HERE

 Storenvy's Brock Cady recommendation for Custom Theme

Final Thoughts!

Hopefully you would never go out and buy the first car you see, or start a business on a fanciful whim and fantasy.  Hopefully you have given it some thought, invested some time and energy, contemplated the pros and cons of running your business.   That is the same approach you should take when launching a custom retail store online at Storenvy or elsewhere.

Your store design is the first and last image a first time visitor will have of you and your business/  Within seconds, a decision will be made based entirely on the "Look" of your store layout, the presentation of the product you are selling, and the clarity of your business name, logo and graphic banner.

If your store doesn't capture that shopper within those few seconds it takes to make a decision, they will leave and look for another store of the millions that exist online.  

On the Storenvy Facebook group for store owners, there are often posts about using the store banner to leave messages to visitors.  Things like - I'm having a sale on this product, or I'm on vacation until this date, etc.   

Oh my gosh using a stores banner space for messages that distract for the overall design is so tacky in my opinion, unless it maintains the over all "Look" and impression you are trying to project.  The last thing your want to do if you are trying to establish your business as legitimate, is to come across cheap or tacky.  Remember, you only have around 3 to 5 seconds to capture a visitor to your store to create in interest for exploring your products.

Don't blow it by being tacky!  What is tacky?  That depends a lot on what you sell.  A video game retailer has a lot more flexibility than a store that retails leather purses.  Find a designer that fits your customers expectations, not yours.  Do your homework, research retail store websites that have a well known reputation, see what they do, observe how they present their online retail store, how do they present their products for sale?   I guarantee you that their product images will be on a white or black background, sharply focused, well lite, and edited.  Their banners and graphics will be sharp, bright and infocus.

Think Image!