EBay Holiday Trending Map 2016

Holiday Trending Ebay Map 2016

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Making it's second Holiday appearance, is Ebay's Holiday Trending Map (See bottom of page)  The Holiday map allows you to see what product is currently trending in each state within the USA.

Just click on your state or the state you want to check, and a pop up window will display the top trending products.

One thing to keep in mind, that we observed in the original 2015 Map, is some products appearing in the map may be trending because eBay is pushing those products via its marketplace.  So keep that in mind when using the map, it is an interesting nifty tool.  It may help you figure out which products to pick-up on Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day sales to try and flip as arbitrage.

It features three primary categories, Electronics, Fashion and Toy's! However, the top trending products are not limited to these categories, if something is trending in your state in a different category.

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