Mercari Website Takes Giant Leap Forward

Mercari Website Takes Giant Leap Forward

This week, Mercari took a giant leap forward towards making it's website accessible to computer users by adding the ability to Edit already listed products directly via it's website.

As I have predicted and stated numerous times in recent SellerThink videos on YouTube about Mercari; it has been my prediction that Mercari Marketplace would become a direct competition to eBay in particular and displace as the third most valuable marketplace in the USA for online buying and selling.

Prior to this week, Mercari shoppers and sellers were able to only use the website to search products and make purchases, with very limited features for sellers.  This new ability for sellers to edit product listings can only be considered significant, as it will make editing products, updating photos and even utilizing new Mercari shipping features much more accessible.

In 2017 in a discussion with Mercari's most experience customer service representative Danny; I was able to confirm my predictions that Mercari would become accessible via its website to the rest of the US Shopping Population who do not use or necessarily want to use an Iphone or Android device to sell on Mercari.

Sellers who have been following SellerThink on YouTube are already ahead of the game, and those who have laughed and given thumbs downs on the current Mercari Sellers Series are now trailing behind.  It's one thing to have a preference for a marketplace, but it's another thing to be obstinate and ignorant in a time how consumers spend their money is in fluctuation and historical change.

This progression by Mercari is great news, especially for Mercari shoppers and sellers who possess outdated smart devices and tablets no longer supported by Apple or Android. Mercari recently updated its app to work only with iOS 10 Iphone Devices and 4.4.4 Android Devices.   Having access to Mercari via a web browser,may potentially reopen up Mercari to those individuals either directly by allowing them to access Mercari on their previous generation device web broswer, or directly via any computer capable of running a current web browser.

More to follow as SellerThink continues to track all of the ground breaking news about the US Mercari Marketplace.