Mercari USA 2019 Review For Sellers

Mercari USA 2019 Review For Sellers

Today SellerThink released its first 2019 YouTube video for Mercari Sellers, called Mercari For Competitive Sellers in 2019Mercari USA is the quickly growing number #3 marketplace in the USA online falling just below Amazon and eBay for best places to shop and sell.

While Mercari USA is still an infant with lots of room for growth, there is no denying that compared to other marketplaces like Bonanza, and others who have been trying to compete since 2018; Mercari has somehow managed to leap strongly into the number 3 best places to shop and sell online for 2019.

What set's Mercari apart and places it in the league of Amazon and eBay in 2019, is its Buyer Protection Policies and Seller Protection Policies.  Mercari is also a much easier platform for new sellers to start out on, with a very simple and basic layout of required information fields for entering product details, adding photos, etc.  In this case, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) has paid off.

As for who buy's and sells on Mercari app and Mercari's website, they have managed to tap into America's to most populous and frequent shoppers too as it maintains a marketplace dominance among women and a largely untapped generation of millennials and generation Y.

From a Seller perspective however, competition is heavy and tough in Mercari's top 5 selling categories of products that we go into details about in the video.  These categories are highly saturated and require sellers who want to be successful to be intentional in their desire to be competitive. 

For several months leading up to 2019, SellerThink conducted research via polls and questions, with the assistance of the many amazing sellers in the Mercari Seller Tips and More Group on Facebook. This data served as the primary basis of the statistics and estimations presented in the video.

How does this video review help someone who sells on the Mercari USA marketplace and App?
That is the question most sellers want to know, and the answer is, we have taken the results of the poll which included several hundred sellers out of the 13,000 member group and we asked them a single question.  "What is your primary selling category".

This helped us estimate via statistics how many sellers on Mercari may also be selling in those product categories, spot categories that have room for growth and provide some additional assistance and tips for those who want to potentially gain an advantage over other sellers on Mercari who haven't seen the video, or advice.

Randy Dreammaker, the host of SellerThink on YouTube has been researching the US Mercari marketplace for three years, and selling on the marketplace for two years. When not working on his selling, he helps answer questions about Mercari in the Mercari Seller Tips and More Group on Facebook as one of it's expanding number of members.

The Mercari for Competitive Sellers in 2019 video focuses on four key elements.  It breaks down all categories into levels from least competitive where there is room for niche sellers to explore, to the most popular categories where the most competition exists.  The second element is provides a statistical estimation of what percentage of Mercari sellers each level represents. The third element breaks down and discusses the top product five categories by the actual poll statistics.  The fourth element provides advice and suggestions including references to the videos listed below, that will help a seller who sells in one of the Mercari top five product niches and categories to potentially gain a slight competitive edge.

This information may not be useful for all sellers on Mercari, because not all sellers on Mercari have enough background and experience as a seller to make the best use of the information provided.  Additionally, some sellers could easily implement all of the suggestions and advice for being competitive in the top Mercari marketplace categories, yet not succeed due to other flaws in the online selling strategy, anything from poor feedback, lack of customer service skills and interpersonal etiquette, or something simply that the video already assumes and does not address, like poor shipping practices and inadequately described products.

The following links are to videos discussed near the end of the Mercari for Competitive Sellers in 2019 video.  These are previously released videos by SellerThink that focus in on key selling practices recommended for sellers on Mercari who want to increase their sales.

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We have embedded the actual video here in the blog, so you can watch it right now if you prefer as opposed to wandering over to the SellerThink Channel YouTube.   Note however, this video is approximately 30 minutes long, and it is recommend you grab a sheet of paper and something to write with to take notes.

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