PayPal Nightmare before Christmas

PayPal Nightmare before Christmas

What do you do, when it's fourth quarter, three weeks before Christmas and PayPal decides to lock your account, when you call to report a fraudulent sale from eBay?

You make a YouTube video testimonial and warn every single seller you know, to help them avoid being scammed on eBay and also being locked out of your account by PayPal's phone automated agent.

Christmas and the holidays are the number one time of the year, that we small businesses have the potential to make some extra profit, especially after the recent two slow years on all marketplaces.

People are feeling good about the economy, and despite the political rivalry and media fabrications to the contrary, were actually making some sales this fourth quarter.  I was too, until a eBay scammer, tried to scam me and while trying to get in touch with PayPal, it's automated fem-bot suddenly locked my account.

Hours and hours wasted followed, trying to reach a "real person" at PayPal failed.  PayPal demanded I provide proof it was my account.   Let me tell you about how, a $16 sale on eBay, has created a nightmare for this seller who is dependent on PayPal, and steps you should take if you need to call PayPal during fourth quarter.