eBay just announced their 2019 Spring Seller Changes

eBay just announced their 2019 Spring Seller Changes

Today, eBay announced their intended new 2019 policies, rules and changes for its sellers, including the termination of all fixed price listings except a new Good Till Cancelled option which presents its problems as well as benefits.

Randy Dreammaker on SellerThink has released a detailed YouTube video presentation explaining many of these new seller policies and rules for 2019, how eBay seems to have borrowed the concept of promoting products directly to shoppers who have watched or liked a product similar to the Mercari app and Mercari Marketplace, and a brief discussion of how eBay intends to handle the new national State Sales taxes that the Supreme Court made possible in the 2018 decision of South Dakota vs Wayfair.

A more detailed analysis of the new national state sales taxes and ebay is presented on SellerThink's YouTube channel in an earlier published video called. New Mercari eBay US Sales Tax Laws

We have included the 2019 eBay Seller Changes video here on this page so you can view it, as well as a few links to eBay's content for some of the topics included and discussed in the 2019 eBay Sellers Policy video include: 

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