eBay takes Second Place in SellerThink's Top Five Marketplaces for 2020

What awaits seller on eBay in 2020?

In an ironic twist of fate, on the same day that SellerThink released it's 2020 Top Five Picks of Best Marketplaces to Sell on video on YouTube. Bing News, posted articles about eBay's Chief Executive Officer, Devin Wenig having announced his resignation from eBay.

 Devin Wenig comments on Twitter about his split with eBay's new Board of Directors

Its difficult to know if this is really, really, good for eBay as a marketplace, or really, really, bad.  However it turns out, this shakeup on eBay is reflected in SellerThink's Best Five Marketplaces to Sell Online in 2020, eBay video that was filmed a few weeks earlier.

It's very possible that eBay's new Board of directors will help put eBay back on track, but don't count on it.  eBay has historically hired CEO's who have a very narrow concept of what has driven eBay sales from its inception, which is it's sellers.  

eBay's plethora of CEO's have been overpaid executive managers who focus on eBay's buyers and share holders

eBay's plethora of CEO's have been overpaid executive managers who focus on eBay's buyers and share holders, while creating a Seller Neutering marketplace in which retailers.

Small businesses and home sellers have very little control over anything they sell on eBay other than the listing price and listing details.  eBay has repeatedly neutered sellers by not allowing sellers to leave Feedback for buyers, charging a commission fee on all shipping prices, forcing sellers into return policies, manipulating sellers into hiding their product price in order to qualify for eBay perks for those who offer "free shipping", etc.  

 Devin Wenig Resigns

For the first time in eBay's history as an online selling marketplace, eBay face's its first genuine competition within the USA as sellers turn to other marketplaces to sell on, many of them app based, with extended websites, including Mercari, Poshmark for clothing sales, even OfferUp now has shipping options available and continually improves.

SellerThink, suggests several times that eBay was likely to drop from position number two sometime in 2020, assuming no changes on the marketplaces had occurred. A good prediction? Perhaps.  Prophetic Insight? Maybe.  Just a good guess? Definitely a good guess, if nothing else.

You can watch SellerThink's eBay 2020 evaluation video on YouTube. In the video, Dreammaker explains problem areas and concerns that all eBay sellers should be considering going into 2020.