Cross-Promote Social Media For Resellers

Cross-Promote Social Media for Resellers

Announcing Mercari Shopping's - Social Media Cross-Promotion Applets.
We've created some applets in association with IFTTT that will let you share your posts from one social media to another. They are very simple to use and set-up.

You'll need a free IFTTT account to connect the Social Media services you want to automate. Then jump over to the applets we've already created and tested.

These applets are great for those of you who sell on eBay, Mercari, Etsy, Poshmark, etc. that use social media to promote your products. Why? These applets can automate various aspects of your posting, and in turn save you time and energy. The goal of automating the process is to make cross-promoting less of a hassle.
For example, post on your Facebook Page and have it automatically post to Pinterest. Another example, post on your Instagram and have it automatically post to Pinterest.

SellerThink and Mercari Shopping goals are focused on developing applets useful to resellers, because we're resellers who already use them. We're spreading the joy!