10 Reasons Why I Quit Facebook

My top 10 reasons for quitting Facebook in 2021.

I started on Facebook thirteen years ago in 2008.  Two people I knew at the time were heavily into Facebook and talked me into using it.  I wasn't much of a fan at the time.  I came and went over the years. But not for very long.

Facebook wasn't a publicly traded stock at the time. It's wasn't the largest news media source on the planet, and it wasn't a political propaganda pushing platform back then.

Facebook was just a place where people, acquaintances and family members talked, shared photos, and whoever you followed, you saw in your news feed.

Jump forward to 2021, and Facebook is now the main source of news media, but is still protected as a website operator from laws that provide free speech and over see other forms of lesser media like magazines, newspapers and tv.

Facebook is a commercial entity, and while it's kept its promise to "remain free forever", it really isn't.  It just no one has figured out a way to put a value on selling ones soul in order to interact with people who will never call you, e-mail you or invite you over in real life.

Leaving Facebook wasn't easy. I have friends in the mid-west and east coast, while I am here on the west coast in Los Angeles.  I have family and friends in Sweden and Japan. But... after three years of careful consideration, weighing the pros and cons, I finally decided that the value Facebook provides in being able to post messages for friends and family, (Some that Facebook will censor, fact check and remove), the moral and ethical compromise required to participate on Mark Zuckerberg's website, is just too great a price.

So I quit Facebook, I'm never returning to Facebook, and here is my video posted to YouTube, explaining my top 10 reasons for making this difficult decision.