International to US Clothing Differences

 Yes, Size Matters! (Pun intended) 

The last thing a man wants to hear, is that size matters, because hey, we're men! But I learned the hard way, that size really does matter, at least when your buying clothes online.

I recently purchased a package of red shorts at auction.  They were being sold as men's size 46 at such a low price I had to jump on it.

I carefully read through the sellers description details, it clearly stated that they were a size 46 with no mention of them being an international size 46. (I didn't know there was a difference).

So I placed my highest ROI bid (Return on Investment), and won the auction.

Now, I did suspect that these shorts might not be a US Size 46, only because the label was in what I assume is German.  Buy all clothes sold in the USA are made by some other country thanks to the crappy politicians who made it easy for companies to leave and take all those manufacturing jobs with them.

A week later a package arrived. I opened it. Out came the package of shorts. I think there are six of them.  I held them up and looked at them and said, "I don't know what size that it, but its not a US men's size 46.
Maybe a woman's size 46 (if there is one), but not a man's size 46.


Then like anyone who buys and resells, I took a sniff.... Yikes!  It smelled like someone had put them in a smokehouse and instead of hickory wood, loaded the base with every cigarette the tobacco companies sold to kids when I was in high school. 

It was bad, really bad!

So, I decided to look around for information about International Sizes compared to US sizes and of course now I know for future reference to not buy red shorts.  I mean to check foreign labels for possible sizing issues.

I'm sure all turn a profit, assuming that stinking cigarette smell ever goes away.  But I'll have to sell them to someone a lot smaller than a US Mens size 46.

On that note, here are some sizing charts I came across that might help you correctly check sizes before buying that auction seller, Frederick Vandrizzlestinker.

 Apparel Bags 

Apparel Bags had these sizing charts available.

Sizely (Not a sponsor)

For easy conversion and making related sizing photos for your marketplace facilitator listings, I recommend using Sizely.  click this link to visit the International to US Size charts. There were more than I felt like screen capturing for the blog.

It's apparent, that International sizing compared to US sizing is considerably different. 
You know us Americans, we beat to our own drum and make our own rules. We wouldn't want to be accused of making things easy, by sizing things based on the same measurements system that all the other land masses use.