MINECRAFT Boss Wars - Episode One

The Minecraft Boss Wars - Ocelot VS Chicken Mobs.

In this first episode of the MINECRAFT BOSS WARS, it's time for the Ocelot mobs to battle the Chicken mobs to the death. 

Each mob will come face to face within the Nightmare Battle Dome, a special Minecraft dome hidden deep in the darkest areas of Minecraft, where nightmares come from.  Let's find out once and for all, who is the ugliest, meanest, evil, aggressive and hungry mob in Minecraft.  We'll pit mob v.s. mob, until we find the King of the Mobs, The Big Bad Boss, The Big Kahuna!  

The Minecraft Boss Wars, is a new Minecraft series featured exclusively on the new video platform Utreon. A sub-series of the Randy Dreammaker channel.