Statistics are against California Governor, Gavin Newsom's future.

California Governor, Gavin Newsom's future doesn't look to good, despite throwing $100 billion dollars at trying to save his job.

As a sole proprietor with everything at risk, my seven year old micro small business was forced out of business by Governor Gavin Newsom's over reach in executive authority.  

These decisions allowed large corporations like blockbuster stores Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Walmart, Netflix, Amazon, the Film Industry to continue to operate at normal and partial capacity, while forcing small business, churches and others to close for over a year.

I found it offensive that once the recall effort successfully obtained hundreds of thousands beyond the 1.2 million required, that Governor Gavin Newsom would start throwing money away on that billion dollar speed train that doesn't even service the key financial areas of California, millions of dollars to a few people in a lotto event who got a vaccine shot, 4.5 million dollars in free Six Flags Magic Mountain Tickets, etc.  Many of these benefiting from the multiple millions of dollars are those who are donating thousands and millions of dollars in defense of the Gavin Newsom Recall.

Meanwhile, 40.8% of California's small businesses have failed under the Governor's leadership, many of them micro-businesses and others who were ineligible for the federal governments SBA PPP relief and other state relief.  Many small businesses are sole proprietors who have all their money, savings, retirement at risk because they operate with cash and not credit, or they operate with money tied up in their inventory and carry large amounts of personal debt on credit cards to cover monthly operations.

My seven year old business was forced to close by Gavin Newsom and since I was honest and told the EDD "I worked six months only making $197", those six months were denied pandemic unemployment compensation.  I've heard from other small business owners who also have lost their businesses without any source of income due to the lock down. 

Even if we micro small businesses and sole proprietors were able to remain open, we depend on other local larger small businesses for sourcing products, shipping materials, office supplies, etc. who were unavailable because they were locked down also.

I visited my local target quiet a lot in 2020 and 2021, and I never once saw a line outside, they were operating 100% at full capacity as long as they had the big MASKS REQUIRED sign, plastic barriers in place and a couple of automated hand sanitizer machines at the door.   

My business which primarily ran virtually, was, "Non essential".  How difficult would it of been for me to wear a mask and have hand sanitizer around in a closed off virtual environment, or for my suppliers to have done what Target did?  We're not stupid, if we were we wouldn't have survived year after year as a small business, paying the city, state and federal government. We could have protected customers a 100 times better than the local target that had multiple 15 minute lines or the 20 minute lines at Walmart, because my business primarily ran virtually, my only contact was with suppliers and other local businesses, and those other local small business had minus 99 percent of Target or Walmart.

I recall Governor, Gavin Newsom's aunt, congress member Nancy Pelosi getting exposed for walking around maskless in a hair salon in the bay area, while every other hair salon was forced closed.

I recall the Governor himself, getting exposed for attending an indoor restaurant event with the government and pharmaceutical CEO's with chairs side by side, no social distancing, no masks, and when the photo leaked to the news, he then doubled down even harder with restrictions on small business, churches, everyone.

It has nothing to do with political parties, democrats in California far out number republicans in this state. The media, governor and California's legislatures and congress members are all saying republicans are trying to recall Gavin Newsom.  But the math simply isn't there.  The number of people who signed petitions to recall Newsom, out number republican voters in the state.

No, these are small business owners who lost their businesses and retirement, people who were locked out of their churches, people kept away from family during Thanksgiving and Christmas, by the same elected leaders who praised Black Lives Matters protests and riots across the state the three weeks before the 4th of July was banned.  

It's people who were not able to give their loves ones a memorial service when they passed away in a car accident, a drive by shooting, and other causes.  Those locked down in government initiated house arrest without power because the Governor didn't take care of the problems he created by cutting forestry management resources that led to fires that wiped out entire cities.

So, I was sitting at the desk where I used to run my business for seven year early this morning, and I got to wondering, how many small businesses in California died as a result of Gavin Newsom's leadership.

I found an ongoing research study by Yale University who has been tracking small businesses.  They determined 40.8% of small business of all sizes that fit into that category died.  That includes those who were fortunate enough to received some of the PPP loan money that didn't get diverted to massive universities and large corporations.

That is a big number, but its still falling.

If the statistics are correct, and there is no reason to believe they are not, despite what the news media and state government propaganda campaigns are saying. The 40% is going to keep falling as the statistics catch up with what has actually happened.  Many businesses, similar to my business which closed in August 2020, have already lost everything.  People who used to use our services, shop from us, are in habit of shopping at Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.  Likewise, with all the larger companies that fell into ruin or decreased their operating size to minimal employees and decentralized virtual networking, there simply isn't enough demand for many small business service companies.

And that is why it is offensive, that Govern Gavin Newsom is running around throwing money into the wind, on meaningless things to try to buy voters, especially younger voters with things like free Magic Mountain and Universal Studio tickets.

Going forward, we need to replace those elected officials at the local and state level who have failed us as employers, businesses, citizens and residents.

We need a governor who is more concerned about California than his hair.  We have billions of dollars going to an unneeded bullet train that could be used to create real effective water storage solutions, forestry clearing and maintenance, a plan to get the homeless off drugs instead of giving them needles and a private free house to shoot up in.

There's only one word that fits what is happening under the currently elected leaders, regardless of their party affiliations, and that is, "It's a crime".  This is the biggest crime ever committed by California, against California, and Gavin Newsom is it's mastermind.