Recall Gavin Newsom San Gabriel Valley Small Businesses

"When you stand for nothing, you'll fall for everything" - Alexander Hamilton

Taking a stand for Small Business in California with my handmade, Recall Gavin Newsom Signs, at the most popular location in the city, across from In-In-Out.

40.8% of small businesses in California have been forced permanently out of business in a single year, by our current governor, according to a Yale University Study. That doesn't include an extreme long list of poor governing and managing in every other aspect of responsibility that a state depends on its top leadership to expedite.

In-In-Out is the busiest, most popular and most heavily trafficked single location in San Gabriel Valley, regardless of the location.  At this particular In-In-Out location, there is always at least a two block distance of cars waiting in line to purchase food, from the moment it opens at 11:00 AM until it closes at 1:00 AM. 

 That makes this the best place for me, as a nobody in the political world, to carry my message to the most amount of people, because those bored people sitting in their cars waiting in line are always looking around for something to read, and they have to pay attention to the movement of the line, so they're not entirely focused on their cell phones.

If I can get even one person, who believes that small businesses are important to the survival of California, or even a fellow current or former small business owner to vote to recall and replace Gavin Newsom as governor of California. I will have spent my money wisely investing in the magnetic signs and vinyl lettering. 
Since my business is still out of business and I am assessing the best way to recover from a year of loss, and whether or not trying to reopen is a good path, my business vehicle is not being used for business. so it might as well sit all day asking Californian's to give we small businesses some justice.

Today I was at Eaton Canyon for the first time in a year and a half.  This canyon was completely locked down by Gavin Newsom, and it's 100% crazy.  It is the only open space around, the trails are 10 feet and up to 18 feet wide.  People from all over the San Gabriel Valley exercise here.  There is no, absolutely no reason that social distancing would be a problem.  Yet, it was kept locked down, with the exception of one of Governor Gavin Newsom's top anti-recall contributors, the film industry.  Multiple film productions crews were staged throughout the main parking and extended parking, allowed to film without social distancing while it was locked down.  Really Gavin? Just Really?

We must make sure that this governor, never has another chance to lock us out our of open spaces, our churches, our jobs, our businesses, while his corporate buddies get to eat lunch and dinner with him while not following the same executive orders he forced upon us, while his CEO contributors got to remain open at full capacity, but our churches were locked up and our small businesses tanked.

I don't even care who you vote to replace the current clown with. I don't care if you vote blue or red.  I only care that you believe in the Justice, that many of you have hit the streets over the past few years asking me to support you in, and recall our incompetent leader so he can't do anymore damage to our state, so we can remove his double standard, where he can go maskless in a restaurant with the top CEO's of pharmaceuticals who have raked in billions of dollars as a result of the pandemic, and his kids can go maskless at summer camp, but we can't and our kids can't.