Why I'm Skipping Cine Gear Los Angeles 2021

I'm skipping Cine Gear 2021 in Los Angeles.

I've attended as many Cine Gear Expo events for film professionals in Los Angeles, as possible, every since I graduated from film school in 2010.

It's not always been possible, due to scheduling, transportation, rough patches in the financial area. But I have always enjoyed them.

I was really looking forward to Cine Gear in 2019 and hoping for the best in 2020, but I will not attend in 2021.

Small Business owners for Recall Gavin Newsom 2021

In 2021, I am sick of government interference into my life. They forced me out of business in 2019, and since I was a micro-business, I wasn't eligible for the "forgivable federal PPP loans".  But even if I were, the money was already gone, going to places like Private Universities and other big corporations.  That money was meant for small business, but like everything else in California, the government is like our current governor Gavin Newsom; Incompetent.  

Then there was round two of the PPP loans, but by then my business was already closed, my city didn't give any compensation or extension to our business licenses, so we didn't have money to pay them, despite them ordering us closed.

So it's 2021, I've been vaccinated twice here in LA County since March, I've worn a mask more than I've worn a pair of shoes in the past two and a half years, and here we go again. 

We've seen it all before.  Our governor say's one thing, does something different for himself, his friends, his family.   When he get's criticized for his hypocrisy, like Pharaoh when dealing with Moses in Egypt, he double's down on our restrictions.  Hey Newsom, "Let my people go".

In 2021, it's the same old story, new restrictions, new rules, and I'm done.  I'm out. I'm taking my people and we're leaving Egypt.  Don't try to follow us across the red-sea, fool!

And so the buck stops here.  It stops at Cine Gear.

 I will not wear a mask all day in the hot September sun, I will not show you "Proof of vaccination".  I have my vaccine proof card, having had Moderna, which I felt was the best choice of the three available.  But No, I will not show you my card, nor will I show you my underwear.   I'm not signing up for elementary school.  In fact, I'm just going to sit it out.

Los Angeles and California can kiss my big multi-ethnic butt.  I'll tattoo some lips for where you should place yours, but I won't be part of your new regime. I won't play by your rules that only apply to we small businesses, while the corporations with hands in your pocket get to stay open and run without the same requirements.  

Save California, Recall Gavin Newsom 2021

So while I love Cine Gear, and its a great event for those in the film industry to see new technology and new equipment, make contacts, etc. I'm going to take my money and pass.

See, I'm not just passing on Cine Gear, I'm passing on the corporations and businesses who put money into the pockets of the Governor who forced me out of business for a year and a half.

I'm passing on spending money with the corporations who got to stay open, or open early, because of their sponsorship of the Governor and other politicians ruining our state.

I'm passing on obeying your rules for your event, as ordered by Los Angeles and California.

Just be happy, I'm not leaving to Georgia, like I was told a few friends are last week.  Georgia is the new Hollywood, and unless our failing leaders in California wise-up, more will leave.  Of course that is why the film industry and California's government sleep in the same bed. California senators, congress members, elected officials, know they need the film industry, so they give them amazingly bias tax breaks, incentives and even money to stay.  So I suppose it's only fair, when they stuff the pockets of a failing Governor, Gavin Newsom's pockets back with millions of dollars during his recall.

So no Cine Gear for me.  I'm keeping my money.  I'm putting my money into helping Recall Gavin Newsom, before all of us little people, micro-businesses and small businesses that survived, can't any longer.

Small Businesses want to recall California Governor, Gavin Newsom

In California, under Governor Newsom and the democrat majority lead houses, we have the highest number of people leaving and taking their businesses with them, in California's history.  

We have 40.8% of all small businesses permanently out of business due to abusive and bias executive decisions of the governor of California.

 Many of them were independent film producers and companies, which is why 2020 was the best year in California history to purchase previously owned and used film production equipment.  I was able to purchase three full lighting kits for $150, which would have cost me $6,000 to $9,000 any previous year.

I'm sure there are plenty who will still attend Cine Gear 2021, but as much as I want to, I just won't.  Maybe in 2022 when I'm not being I.D. for a vaccine card, and hopefully our current incompetent governor is long gone, or maybe I'll just wait to come back until he is gone, or maybe I'll just keep my money and never come back.   I hear Georgia has some great southern comfort dishes.