What is Mercari W-9 Tax Form?

Mercari W9 What is Mercari 1099K? W9? Am I an individual or Business on Mercari?  Do I have to give Mercari my Social Security Number or ITIN?  Going into 2022 everything changed, and while I hate to be critical or political, the changes impacting online sellers going forward are significant enough, that I have to give credit to those who deserve the credit, even if that means being political.   (Please Note: The information provided is in no way intended to act as legal tax advice. You should confirm any information with your state agencies, the IRS website, or a tax consultant.) You may have read in the news or heard in the news, that Joe Biden and the House Majority in Congress under Nancy Pelosi, have proposed giving the IRS the authority to be mandatorily informed by banks and financial institutions notification and details about all transfers and deposits of any money over $600.   Of course rational moderates and conservatives within both the republican and democrat parties rejec

YouTube Subscriber Give Away, Recall Governor Gavin Newsom

YouTube Subscriber Give Away. We're giving away a Recall Gavin Newsom T-Shirt, #recallgavinnewsom from @inspirationprint (Instagram) on the SellerThink channel to the first online small business subscriber who answers the questions in the video.
Do whatever you want with the shirt, wear it or sell it, and remember Recalling Governor Newsom isn't political, it's economic. We need someone leading California small business to success, not out of business or being forced to leave to Texas to survive.