America Loves Officer Brittany Bray in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial.

America picks Kenosha police officer Brittany Bray as hottest professional woman of the Year. 

America apparently loves its police officers, despite what a minority population traveling cross country lighting fires to our businesses and communities and the progressive socialist democrats in Congress want citizens to believe. 

America chooses Kenosha police officer Brittany Bray as hottest professional woman of the year

Even America's dreadfully inadequate vice president, Kamala Harris has promoted the rhetoric for defunding law enforcement, making disparaging remarks on international platforms and calling for the abolishing of the police.

Despite the mogul media owners of the likes of the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and others pushing and feeding the weak minded such propaganda at every opportunity, America said otherwise. On November 11, 2021, when police officer Brittany Bray took the stand during the politicized self defense trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and caught America's attention.

Within hours of release of the trial video on YouTube, officer Brittany Bray's testimony "broke the internet", at least on the SellerThink YouTube Channel.
July 4, 2022, I re-released the video on the Randy Dreammaker Rumble Video Channel after we removed it from the SellerThink YouTube channel.

Men and women fell in Love with officer Bray as she began trending across the internet as evidence that real American's still love law enforcement and especially women in law enforcement. 

A nice reminder to the plethora of crooked local, state and federal elected officers and unelected offices that manage to get hired into some of America's top positions of power and influence, not all Americans are the sheep they televise us as to the world.

America has spoken, we love our police officers and Brittany Bray is the hottest representative of law enforcement agencies in 2021.

SellerThink's screen shot of Kenosha police officer Brittany Bray