Dance of the Snow Globe - Winter Wonderland Music

It's officially winter, the first day of solstice! Hanukkah is here, Kawanza, days away from Christmas and then New Year!

What's missing? Dancing Snow Fairies on ice skates of course and Winter Wonderful Music.

Randy Dreammaker (aka X-Dreammaker) released "nullDance of the Snow Globe" a wintery music video for your musical entertainment! 

Watch on Youtube and you can even download the music track for free non-commercial listening from Soundcloud.

[The red snow fairy awakens the winter Christmas Spirit trapped within a Snow Globe, leading to an enchanting forest winter wonderland dance. Beautiful women, snowy landscapes, and dance on ice skates will leave you longing for winter and its enchantments.]

Music by: Randy Dreammaker Video Editing by: Randy Dreammaker Principal Videography by: Cottonbro [Other videography credits are included at the end of the video]
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