USPS Drops 2022 Shipping Prices

Here is some positive news for 2022 if you ship with USPS.
Prices are coming down for the first time in many years.

Every year since around 2008 when former President Obama began running things, Prices for USPS shipping have increased every single year.

During the holidays of 2021, prices for traditional USPS shipping went up again.  Ironically, USPS shipping prices for the most common shipping, became higher than both FedEx and UPS while taking longer for delivery.
I guess it shouldn't be to surprising that USPS would lower prices for two reasons related to the Democrat Congress passage of the American Rescue Plan.

The American Rescue Plan helped bail out the USPS in its declining financial debt by creating new debt far into the future at the expense of all US Tax Payers.

[Nothing in America is free. The government has no money and creates no new income for itself or for us. It takes money from its working legal citizens now and later to pay its bills. But it actually doesn't even pay its debts, borrowing money from China.]

The other thing the American Rescue Plan did, is beginning in January 2022, it targeted online marketplaces like eBay, Mercari, others with a change to the 1099K and W-9 tax laws.
As far back as i can remember, online marketplaces were not required to issue a 1099K IRS tax certificate to sellers and submitt it to the IRS, until a minimum of 250 sales occured reaching $20,000 

This allowed most people to sell their no longer wanted items without an unnecessarily burdensome tax filing. 

The America Rescue Plan of 2022, changed that by removing the 250 minimum limit, and reduced the $20,000 cap down $19,400 to the unprecedented new limit of a measly $600.

The ARP [American Rescue Plan], creates a tax burden on pretty much anyone and everyone now and into the future who wants to sell their old Nikes and no longer needed college text books.

It forces, marketplaces to report to the IRS, and issue a 1099K to the seller when they sell $600 or more in a year. 

Having to report taxes going forward similar to a licensed business. Its not cheap! Most online tax services and tax software for small business cost $170 or more. 
To the point, the Democrat only passed American Rescue Plan under President Biden is going to decimate online sales after January' 2022's, 1099K change takes effect. 

Online sales have kept the US Post Office alive for quite a few years now,  in the digital age. Especially, after Amazon created its own shipping, relying less on the USPS 

That is the background story to what seems to be possible good news,  in light of all the bad news. 

In 2022 going forward,  at least until a smarter congress is elected and smarter president replaces Joe Biden, well have to take anything good for what it is. 
Here are the 2022 planned shipping rates.

[Information below was provided by PirateShip] 

 Parcel Select Ground is the biggest news, with up to 58% decreases 😱 If you're okay with 2-8+ day delivery speed estimates, you now have an opportunity to save up to 79% compared to Priority Mail. We do recommend adding insurance when buying Parcel Select Ground, just in case... but if you can plan your shipping ahead of time, this kind of savings could be a game changer!

Dimension-Based Priority Mail Cubic was made even more competitive for the smallest package sizes, where it's even cheaper than Parcel Select Ground. Although there's significant increases for most tiers in zones 5-8, the weighted national average is actually hardly changing from the Holiday Rates 😉 

Weight-Based Priority Mail is getting up to 31% cheaper than Holiday Rates too, so getting quicker service for larger packages just got up to $16.95 cheaper! 

First Class Package is staying the same as the holidays, except for the 1-4 oz range which is only going up by 6-7 cents 🎉 Priority Mail Flat Rate is getting 25 to 85 cents cheaper compared to the Holiday Rates, which is more great news.
International is going up in general, with Priority Mail International to Canada being the only exception with rates up to 18% cheaper. Simple Export Rate will continue to be the cheapest international service, but its new rates won't be announced until the end of December.

Well, that's the update.
I'll believe it, when I see it.