3-10-2022 World Of Zombies Dream

Really unusual dream this morning.

Today is 3-10-2022 and I just woke up from the only Zombie dream I have ever had.

In the dream, everyone everywhere had become either one of two kinds of zombie and one by one went around biting and infecting others.

Years pass with all of us thinking we were normal, no one realized anything was wrong. The world grew colder and darker and it all looked fine, we accepted things no good person, normal person would allow to happen in their communities.

One day, something happens and the hold and control over us begins to break. It began with the infection breaking on one person, then they broke it off another person, then a few people.

Then the stronghold began to spontaneously break off more of us, and eventually everyone no matter your political ideology.

As we woke up out of it, everyone one begins to realize that we had all been asleep and controlled by the infection, the deception, the delusion.

Note: This was and is a real dream I had. I posted it to twitter minutes after the dream ended. It was definitely about social culture and politics.