US Congressional District 27 California

We can do better for California and America!

This morning on April 1, 2022, I announced on Twitter and Instagram, my candidacy to represent the Great State of California District 27 to replace Democrat Judy Chu. 

I support funding our police, re-establishing the 48.9% of California small businesses that were forced out of business by Governor Gavin Newsom and local Democrat leaders like Judy Chu, Ted Lieu, Maxine Waters and others. 

More than ever before we need financial accountability in California and here locally in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California.

As an entrepreneur, I will seek to develop and oversee the local establishment of a year round entrepreneurial training program for homeless individuals in our area on a trial bases, to teach them how to become self reliant and independent members in our communities.

My moto is one I live by, and have been helping mentor thousands on YouTube for the past eight years to live by, "Give someone a fish and they will eat for a day. Teach someone to fish and they will eat for a lifetime."

I supported The recall efforts of Governor Gavin Newsom.

California is rich with resources that can be easily turned into a sustainable profit, there is no legitimate reason for working Californians and business creators to have to pay a monthly living wage in taxes for those who never learned a livable skill or trade in California's insidiously failing high-school education and universities.

We can do better. No, we MUST DO BETTER!

  • I will hire Will Smith to slap House Leader Nancy Pelosi.
  • I will launch a bill to give all Americans free Minecraft Bedrock accounts and access to Elon Musk's Starlink internet. 
  • I will sneak a Whoopie Cushion on to Joe Biden's chair during a televised international NATO meeting to embarrass him before he can open his mouth and accidentally cause World War 3.
  • I will Vote for term-limits in congress.
  • I will advocate for IRS tax refunds to be paid in your choice of untraceable Digital Currency like Bitcoin, Dogecoin
It was a fun April Fools Joke, but I can't imagine a more boring career than US politics. Sitting in a room with a bunch of blowhards and socialists deceiving Americans while taking bribes and vacations from foreign countries, media billionaires and corporations. No thanks, I'm NOT FOR SALE.