Introducing Amazing Minecraft Adventures from RGAP Creative


All of our Minecraft content is moving

AMAZING MINECRAFT ADVENTURES on Rumble video network is our new home for all of our Minecraft content that has been on YouTube since we began making Minecraft videos in 2020.

Over the past four years, our most popular Minecraft Content was hosted on the YouTube channel SellerThink, and our other content was on several different channels on YouTube.

In 2022, due to changes YouTube has made over the past few years, and more specifically in 2022, I no longer feel that it is the best platform to produce videos.

The great news is that Rumble is a great video network and honestly better for content creators.  If you have an android or iphone and use any of Google's apps, you know that Google keeps messing with their apps until the point the break and become unusable.  Their Maps app is a perfect example.  On my Samsung Galaxy, the original Google Maps worked great for GPS without cell phone reception or wifi access, then Google kept updating it to the point where its GPS voice navigation goes dead before I reach my destination, and Google unfortunately isn't very good at writing their help or troubleshooting information (which usually doesn't help if you can actually figure it out).   

That is the current state of YouTube too, and it's been a concern for SellerThink since around 2019.

Eventually, all of our content will be moving to Rumble, and much of it is already there.  We have a new channel for SellerThink (HERE), and now a brand new channel dedicated specifically to RGAP Creative's Minecraft projects at Amazing Minecraft Adventures (HERE)

As of this announcement we have 26 Minecraft Tutorials, Project and other Minecraft videos available on Amazing Minecraft Adventures on Rumble.

Including this our most popular video.

If you are interested in our current and new Minecraft projects in development by RGAP Creative, visit the RGAP Creative website.