Cultural Appropriation as a Marketing Tool

Go Woke Go Broke

... is a trending term on Twitter, Gettr, Truth Social and other social media since around 2016. It simply means, companies that adopt a social political agenda that in any manner excludes or is non-diverse against others, will eventually fail and go broke.  

It makes sense, because for every issue of any social or cultural idealism, there are ultimately only two genuine positions.  True or False.  Yes or No.  Real or Fake.  

When you exclude those of opposing opinions like Goliath (a Corporation) vs David (an individual person with limited means and resources) you are telling those David's they are meaningless because they do not uphold the believes and idealisms you are advocating for, through the corporations wealth, global and political positioning, recognition.

Yet, like in the Bible story of David and Goliath, David only had a sling shot and rock (His own limited purchasing power).  If all the David's that a Goliath Corporation exclude or alienate in the name of their bias and limited diversity, boycott that company. It's going to hurt.

Their tiny sling shot and rock is going to hit that Goliath in the head, just like David's rock in the bible hit Goliath right in the forehead, killing him.

These "Woke" corporation CEO's are placing their own agenda's often in front of the company they were hired to build and maintain.  They have become blind, figuring the policies and issues they are funding politically and in opposition of history place them in the majority, but statistically, they're are often within only 10% to 12% of the population who the media is covering because of their vocalness.

This was a statistic I learned while studying marketing and politics that suggests of only takes 4% of a loud and vocal minority population of any kind to sway politicians opinions and decision making and 10% of a vocal group to change national policies.  This is why activists burn buildings, block freeways and riot.

There is one corporation that especially stands out to me as I write this, because I have seen so many similar posts from them on Twitter during two years I since I began using Twitter again. It's the Kellogg Corporation.

Most recently here at the very end of July 2022, an promoted advertisement on Twitter popped in my feed.

In this most recent promoted tweet by Kellogg Corporation, they posted a video of an artist named @MohAwudu for his "Zero Hunger" mural that Kellogg's helped fund.

He is a brilliant artist, but Kellogg used it as an opportunity to suggest that their little act of kindness in supporting an artist, some how contributes to "Food Justice" (which is not real) and it somehow helps create a "Hunger-free world for all".  It's actually insulting coming from a global food corporation who could easily eliminate a significant part of hunger in the world through their global wealth and resources. 

They wanted everyone on Twitter to give them praise for supporting an artist, but cast it as though they have dropped off a million tons of food to all the food banks. But I see it different.

I've spent time helping feed people on Skid Row here in Southern California, and working at food banks. I spent around 7 to 8 years working at two different foodbanks every week handing out the food and talking to those in need. I didn't promote it on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube.  The only people who knew I was doing it were my family because I was gone for up to five hours or more at a time, those I was working with who ran the food banks, and those who saw me doing it.
That was a few years ago now.  During the past month, my brother and I had to take advantage of a local food bank after our father passed away.  I am thankful for the food banks, most of which depend on a whole lot of volunteers.

In my recent video on Rumble, I talk about why what Kellogg's tweeted is insignificant coming from one of the largest corporations in America that has global influence and access to global grains, etc.

Watch it here and leave a comment if you agree, disagree or have another idea about it:

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As someone who has worked for large corporations, has ran a small business and has taught others for nine years how to make money selling online, I have always disagreed with companies and businesses that can not separate their personal social politics and beliefs from how they make money.  I've said, "Don't do it!", there is no reason or need to.  But I guess once your company or corporation becomes a mega billion dollar profit sharing company where losses are absorbed by share holders, it is easier to just not care much about the reputation and image of a company. I guess.

Cultural Appropriation is a horrible marketing tool, especially when a company praises itself as being an Inclusive and Diverse business. That is what a company is doing when it is marginalizing other ethnic groups with the similar impoverished communities to focus on a single ethnic community. 

Don't get me wrong, it's great that the Kellogg corporation helped fund @MohAwudu and his "Zero Hunger" mural.  It's an amazing piece of art work.
But the way that they are promoting it as their "Call for food justice in Black communities and a hunger-free world for all." is so disingenuous, so insincere, fake, and a total appropriation of @MohAwudu's art and ethnicity.   

Additionally, why did such a mega international corporation have to 'Work with" the World Food Program USA @wfuas to support this United nations World Food Program @wfa mural.  Did it really take a business and two organizations to fund a mural on the side of a building?

I am an acrylic artist and I'll be the first to admit that a mural that size took a lot of paint, time and rental of the rig to move around, but that would be pennies for Kellogg.

I am not a wealthy international corporation, so maybe I am just thinking with my stomach and not with my eyes. I may be missing the connection of having a beautiful art mural on a building in one particular community (That looks like there are no houses around), and how it works to end "World Hunger".

If you are here in California like I am, and you're still hungry after looking at Kellogg's Mural.  There are lots of local foodbanks around, food events, in addition to most people in need or in emergency situations being able to obtain CalFresh benefits to go shopping and buy fresh produce and food.  Enjoy the art, but don't end up standing their all day and night hungry.

California Association of Food Banks 

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