How to open your Honda Element Glove Box if the lock is broken

Honda Element Glove Box un-Lock Repair Hack

I purchased one of the first Honda Element's when they came out in 2003.  It is a brilliant car that is perfect for small businesses and solo camping adventures.

I had always hoped that Honda would continue this line of vehicle, because they were thoughtfully made, with a high front windshield and roof, the back seats can be folded up or entirely removed in a couple of minutes, and the interior can be rinsed out with a water hose.

I've lived in my Honda Element for three months back in 2013 while traveling across the USA filming in caves and doing interviews.  It's just a really fun vehicle.

Unfortunately, Honda discontinued the Element in 2011, so there are parts that do wear out, and if you are traveling, you depend on some more parts than others.

In this video that I originally released on YouTube in 2015, I created this video about how I hacked the glove box lock to get it open and make it work again using a clothes hanger.  This video received 19,000 views between 2015 and 2022 on the SellerThink YouTube channel, before I moved it to my independent YouTube Channel.

Weekly I would receive comments posted to the video thanking me for making the video, so I decided that I would make it available again on the Randy Dreammaker YouTube channel.

But to be honest, it was an emergency situation, I was broke and about to leave on a three month filming expedition across America.  If you have around $60 I recommend you just visit this link to the Honda Element Glove Box Latch parts on Amazon and replace it  That being said, I have never replaced mine, it stills works great and actually is a theft deterrent, because unless you watch the video, you'd never realize what it does.

Be warned, turn down your speakers on your phone or computer before watching it, because it does get quite loud at times. I was having issues with my computer and editing software back in 2015 and did a poor job of adjusting the audio, but the content, the steps, they will get you into your locked glove box in an emergency, especially if you are out on the road.  

I hope this video helps you.  All of us Honda Element owners have been like a club or family since the day they rolled off the dealers lot.  If you don't know what I am talking about, you must have bought a used one after they were discontinued.

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