Where Should I Move To?

Help Me Decide Where To Move

I'm a California Native, but the quality of life here has dropped to it's lowest point in our states history under it's current government.

I have a rare opportunity to go Housing Shopping! Help me decide the best place to move. Feel free to suggest a particular city if you want, in the poll comments.

What State Should I Move To?
Here are a few of the early results right after I posted the poll.

I originally posted this poll to while I was hosting the SellerThink YouTube Channel in September 2022 and the results eventually tied between California, Florida and Texas.

Here in 2023 I am still trying to decide. There are so many pros and cons of every state. I am beginning my own Randy Dreammaker channel on YouTube, so I am relaunching this poll.  Feel free to click this link to go to the poll and vote on the channels YouTube community tab.