Piaggio BV 400 Scooter Review - First 10 Months

 Piaggio BV400s / Beverly 400 Review

In April 2022 I purchased my Maxi scooter after three years of research.  I have now had ten months riding time and experience with it and am sharing the pros and cons, things I don't like and things I love about this scooter and why I think the Piaggio BV 400 USA model is the best scooter you can obtain in 2023.

Made by world famous Italy company, Vespa - which means you get Vespa quality, build, advanced technology and amazing warranty in the Piaggio styling.

For this review, I have created a video so I can show you actual details as I walk around the scooter pointing out different features.

The Piaggio BV 400 is a 400cc automatic transmission motorcycle, with plenty of storage room under the seat, can reach a top speed of 95 miles per hour and up to 65 miles per gallon.  In Southern California I average 50 miles per gallon.