Response to criticism of AIPCA Chair Markham Robinson.

My Response to the Criticism of Former American Independent Party of California Chair, Markham Robinson

I am a former member of the AIPCA (American Independent Party of California) while it was under the leadership of Markham Robinson, Chair. (2015 to 2019)

I had had become frustrated with the lame duck GOP here in California and had been looking for an alternative option for several years when one day I came across the AIPCA while doing research online.

I went on the former Twitter Social media website (now X) to see if I could find out more details about the leadership of the AIPCA and its objectives.  That is where I first came in contact with it's then chair, Markham Robinson.

After talking with Markham and researching it's current mission as opposed to it's original George Wallace mission, I decided to become a member.  I have no regrets, it was a great party for that particular moment of history here in California.

In 2015, I was the first of those Markham had asked to be an AIPCA electorate to go to Sacramento to certify and vote on behalf of the AIPCA in the event Donald Trump were elected.  

The AIPCA had made Donald Trump their choice for President during the 2016 election. At the time however, I wasn’t able to commit due to other obligations.
Yet, it was a rare honor and privilege even to be asked or considered.

I spent many, many hours talking with Markham (who I called Mark). He was extremely intelligent and versed in US Constitutional Law and well as California Constitutional Law.

You could ask him just about any question about US law or California law and he could tell you what the law said and give you a link online to the law, almost instantly.  A really brilliant person.

Today, I was looking to find the Google Drive where he had stored the documentation from his investigation about election integrity issues during the 2020 election in California. He had put it on Google Drive to make it accessible, especially in case anything were to happen to him.

Unfortunately no one believed him, despite having complied some very compelling information.  As a former senior poll clerk in California up until 2018, I and several poll officers I worked with had observed and discussed some of the blatant flaws in the poll and voting system at the time.  They seemed to align with some of the things Markham had come across.

Shortly after the 2020 election, Markham Robinson passed away. Probably from covid, but I never confirmed that.

What is bothersome, is that I came across this article on Ballot Access Org website. Where individuals were attacking the reputation and integrity of Mr. Robinson.  How ironic and petty that one would wait until after someone passed away to bring their accusations and whining. That speaks volumes to the lack of Character of those individuals alleging wrongdoing.

Equally disappointing, is the updated AIPCA website has no mention of the former Chair, Markham Robinson nor his many contributions, including defending the party and its name against California Governor, Gavin Newsom and his attempts to force the party to remove "Independent Party" from it's name.

In my interactions with Mr. Robinson, I came to know him as someone who was passionate in his beliefs in Jesus Christ, election integrity, and the then mission of the American Independent Party of California.  He loved his wife and family, and was an entrepreneur, something which I can resonate with.

He was heavily engaged with educating others via Twitter (now X) and had a massive following on his main account @bravelad but ended up suspended while his wife was posting updates about his passing. Twitter Censored him and mass deleted his followers more than once. He also had an original backup twitter account that he got locked out of which is still accessible on X.

I disassociated with the American Independent Party of California in 2019 when it decided that then President, Donald Trump hadn't met with their desired expectations as their 2016 appointment.  Made perfect sense considering Trump barely fits into even the traditional Republican Party.

However, I miss the valuable resource of information that Markham Robinson was. He was a light in this world that is greatly missed.

I think I can speak for Markham Robinson in my post to the attacks others have made on his character only after he passed away, in saying, “Haters, will be Haters”