Salisbury Graveyard Halloween

Mini documentary of Salisbury Graveyard

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Vertical Version

In 2013 while filming in caves across America, I stopped in Columbia Missouri to visit some friends. After visiting the infamous Devils Icebox cave, which is the coldest cave of any I've climbed around in a storm came into town that kept us at inside.  It was the day following this major storm we were bored, so we decided to go in search of the lost Salisbury Graveyard.  Realize that there are hundreds and hundreds of graveyards and cemeteries in every city of Missouri.  Some of them large, but most of them less than a block in size in some random location where people once upon a time lived.

Salisbury is a city in Missouri, and like everywhere else in Missouri, there are several cemeteries and graveyards scattered around.  But as has happened over many years in Missouri, every once in a while, one of them seems to disappear.  Either because the weeds and grass overgrow them, or in less often circumstances they become lost as people migrated out of the area for whatever reason.

This is an Alternative Horizontal Version of the Salisbury Graveyard.

We decided to go in search of the lost graveyard in Salisbury, and we knew it would take considerable effort to find it.

While our experience actually occurred over a very long day and into the night, no one wants to watch a documentary of people walking around for hours, getting lost and walking through trees and caves.  

So we took the key moments and edited it down to a three minute documentary for TikTok.

Our original video channel is no longer active, so were happy to be able to bring you this new release of the Salisbury Graveyard mini horror story documentary.