Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Video Message From President Donald J. Trump

Why is it, that democrats hate anything President Trump says, even when he is thanking God, encouraging Americans to follow God, trust God, pursue God, and pray for America?  

That is something beyond my ability to understand.  I can't understand it anymore than I understand the use of violent protest and intimidation of small business owners around America to promote a message that is supposedly peaceful.  I am unable to understand it anymore than I am able to understand how being anti-God or more accurately, anti-Christ is a key theme in the DNC Democrat party politics and policies at their core.  Where justice is trivialized and based on political associations and ideologies. 

That is why I love inspiring messages of hope. Messages that call me to be thankful for where I live, my neighbors, friends, family and country.

While this Thanksgiving message is throttled on Elon Musk's X and Facebook, at least there is TikTok - Trump Thanksgiving Message where it can reach a massive amount of other American's who feel the same or similar to me. 

The Internet and World Wide Web was once a great place where anyone could reach a lot of people in the USA with a simple message, but its become a heavily policed environment, where social media companies like Instagram, ThreadsFacebook, X formerly Twitter and even Google's YouTube controls the content and the message.

No longer can you get organic views on those platforms, you'll have to pay and verify your account with your public personal information.  Those same companies that gave away our information, privacy and personal information happily to the US Government during the pandemic, during the protests on January 6th of the people to assemble peaceably to address the grievances under the 1st Amendment of the questionable election results of Joe Biden.

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