The MAGA King Returns - Metal Masterpiece

 The MAGA King Returns

This is the official website for the MAGA King Returns, A heavy metal musical poem about the MAGA King by Randy Dreammaker. A music destructed remix of Knip Slot by Steve Terreberry.

The MAGA King Returns - A heavy metal musical poem by Randy Dreammaker

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The MAGA King Returns: LYRICS / Poem by Randy Dreammaker 11/23/2023

I awoke but morning became evening, and my friends had become clay.

Could not tell from where the dark was coming, nor when the night became day.

Inside I hid from the creatures, the things I did not want to see.

The windows seemed to be blinking, but that made no sense to me.

The government tried to arrest me, because I supported a man.

He had a red hat on, not Santa Claus's or a cap from Japan.

He stood at the front and the center, so they went after him too.

But he stood against their deceptions, like nobody else could do.

Like vultures and bats in a cave, they laid waste to the laws of the past.

Tore down the saints and their altars, and killed the kids that weren't planned.

Wicked judges, their queens and their puppets, planned harm to the righteous ones.

But a light was sent from the Father, to expose the dividers who were all around.

A quake in the land began shaking, like nothing ever felt before.

It caused the dark to seek shelter, because the King had returned, like folk lore.

The night became stone as they faltered, they fell like stars from the sky.

The hate and the sin that they fostered, it instantly started to die.

I heard a cry from the shelters, like a cheer of mass victory.

As the doors fell off the safe spaces, all of us could once again breathe.

It feels like a dream when I tell it, but it wasn't that long ago.

When all of these did happen, under the one they called, sleepy Joe.


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