Love is the Key - Civil Disobedience

 Official Release of Love Is The Key

Love is the Key is a Civil Disobedience song featuring Martin Luther King about pursuing justice and expecting equality in the face of cancel culture and a government that accuses those who oppose it of being fascists', Nazi's, racists, etc. by musician Randy Dreammaker.

Love is the Key - Civil Disobedience Song by Randy Dreammaker

Previously limited released as Civil Disobedience, Love Is The Key has a revised video cut in 9:16 vertical and is released on multiple social and video media platforms in light of the inequality, hostilities, accusations, persecution, arrest and multi-year illegal detaining of January 6th Protestors and name calling from Joe Biden's White House and the democrat party in the US Senate and Congress since the questionable elections in 2020.  A call to those who consider themselves advocates of social justice, to remember that all people are created equal, all have the right of civil disobedience to redress and protest tyranny by government under the US Constitution, a right to unbiased and nonpartisan judicial pursuits and defenses regardless of skin color, age, gender, religion or political party. An inalienable right and call to the submission and law of a higher power. 

Released on December 13, 2023 on the following platforms: TikTok, YouTube, Vimeo, Playeur, Rumble, Facebook, BandLab, Threads, Instagram Reels.  Music without the video is available on Soundcloud.