Free Small Business Phone Numbers

Why I Use A Google Voice Phone Number

Get a free small business phone number to keep customers from calling you at home or on your cell phone.  Especially if you sell on

Customers harassing individual sellers on the phone has become a big problem.  I am asked all the time how to deal with this problem, especially by eBay sellers.  

I recommend using the free Google Voice 

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Why I use a Google Voice for my small business

  1. I gave up my cell phone to lower my expenses
  2. My landline phone has tons of robo-callers
  3. I wanted a private number for my small business
  4. Ebay gave a past customer my phone number just because they asked
  5. Its Free for basic services and incoming calls
  6. I give out my Google Voice number to customers, marketplaces, business cards, shipping services I use, anything online that requires a phone number
  7. It has "Do not disturb"
  8. It filters out spam calls
  9. I can block any phone number
  10. It can send me a text or e-mail when I receive a call or missed call
  11. I can pre-screen incoming callers before talking to them
  12. It will take messages
  13. It can transcribe phone messages and send it to my e-mail
  14. I can designate different callers to different features
  15. The outgoing call clarity is better than my Magix Jack
  16. I can use it via wifi Android and Apple phone aop
  17. I can connect it to my Google nest mini desk assistant
  18. I can connect it to receive and call from my computer
  19. I can connect it to receive and call from my phone
  20. I can transfer the phone number to another service if I ever need to
  21. If Google were to ever start charging for using it, I think it would be worth paying for if it were less than the cost of a cell phone and data plan.
  22. My small business got hit hard when California's Governor, Gavin Newsom forced 48.8% of small businesses in the state out of business during the pandemic. 

A couple of downsides of using Google Voice

  • Some online services and website will not accept VOIP phone numbers
  • It's Google and there's a reason why there historical moto is "Don't be evil"
  • China phishers and spammers are notorious for spamming them
  • In the past I had trouble removing my number when a spammer added me to a group message. (Google has updated to make it easy to delete yourself from group messages)

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