Mercari Returns For Damaged Packages

Mercari Returns For Damaged Packages

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I receive and answer questions about Mercari on my YouTube channel SellerThink almost everyday.

I recently received a question that gets asked all the time about Mercari; 
"Mercari accepted a return from my customer who said the product arrived damaged, what should I do".

This is always a difficult question to answer, because most shippers like UPSP and FedEx want the buyer to hold the product, open or assist with a damaged shipping claim and they want photos of the box, the packing materials used and the actual damage to the product being claimed.

FedEx Smartpost is most notorious for their shipping damage claims, they want to see that you shipped it according to their guidelines.

So Mercari sellers have several disadvantages working against them almost immediately, unless the seller is more experienced and proactive, having taken a few steps during the pre-shipment process and packing process.

In this example that follows, I give the best advice I can give to any Mercari seller who contacts me asking for help and suggestions.  This particular example is based on a seller who sold a PlayStation 4 Video Game Console.  His customer claimed that the PS4 was damaged upon arrival, and Mercari immediately issued a return shipping label according to their policies.

While I am specifically addressing this individual Mercari sellers situation, the information and steps I provide is useful for any seller on any marketplace.  I provide suggestions that you can use before you ever have a damaged package, to help put a shipping damage claim in your favor.  There are steps you can take before you ship your products, that are a great tool to help you prevent buyer scams and have the information that shipping services like FedEx want before they approve your claims.

I copy and pasted this detailed information asked by one of my YouTube SellerThink Subscribers.  I hope you find it helpful.

1/  So in your case, first make sure you have screen shot the customers order details with the customer name, address and Mercari Item number, also the product page and description.  Also, screen shot any return tracking number you received from Mercari. You want to do this because sometimes Mercari deletes that information and it disappears from your account and that makes things more difficult.

2/ What to do next will depend on what you did before you shipped it. If you made a video of the PS4 working before shipping and video taped yourself packing it for shipping (You should always do this with expensive items and electronics) then you are better able to prove that you shipped the product working and you properly wrapped at least 3 inches of bubble wrap around it when you shipped it.

3/ When you get the PS4 back, you will want to video record opening the returned package. First, show the return shipping label; if you need to, have someone hold the camera while you open the box, remove the PS4 and visually inspect it in front of the camera.  Next, point out any damages that are easy to see.  Make sure the Serial Numbers are the same. (Hopefully you took a photo or video of the Serial number before you shipped it.) Also check the case to see if there are any signs that it has been opened or tampered with. (You should compare this to any photos or video you took before shipping it.) Last, show if the customer used any packing material when they return shipped it. 

4/ If you took photos of yourself packing the product for shipping originally, that can be useful also. 

5/ Video tape setting up the PS4 to see/show if it is working. 

6/ Here is where things get complicated. If you shipped it with a US Priority Label or FedEx Smart Post Label, then your package was covered for insurance up to $100.00 only. (Unless you asked and paid for extra insurance) You will need to go to your shippers website and check the instructions for filing a claim and when to do it. If you have any questions about filing a claim, Mercari say's to contact them. 

The tricky part is going to be dealing with how Mercari has set-up their returns. Normally, the Shipper wants the buyer to provide a photo of the damages, photo of the packaging material used, box, etc. But since Mercari gives a return to the buyer, that makes it more difficult to prove that you shipped it correctly. 


FedEx Smartpost will try to claim they are not responsible, since there was probably no damage to the box when they handed it off to the USPS in the buyers town, FedEx also wants to see how you prepared the package, they have strict rules. 'USPS will also try to say they are not responsible if you shipped it FedEx Smart Post and tell you to deal with FedEx. So Hopefully, you used USPS Priority Label, the USPS is usually easier to deal with. Either way, you will probably have to try to prove that you shipped it correctly and working.

 7/ After you get your return back, if the buyer switched PS4's with you, tampered with the case and you can prove it, then you need to contact Mercari via Facebook or Twitter and show them your proof. In that case, Mercari should refund you and suspend the buyer. 

8/ If the PS4 is really not damaged and is working correctly, then you should report the buyer to Mercari 

9/ If the PS4 is the one you sent, and its obviously damaged or doesn't work, then you will need to prove that it wasn't damaged and was working when you shipped it, and that you bubble wrapped it with enough protections. 

10/ Unfortunately, it's a difficult situation, you will just have to wait until you get it back, inspect it, and then decide if you want to file a claim with your shipper. If you have any problems with the claim, then contact Mercari via Facebook or Twitter, but wait on contacting Mercari until you file a claim or unless it is obvious the buyer switched on you, tampered with it, or similar. Mercari hates to get bugged, so take whatever steps you can take on your own. 

Hope this helps a little and hopefully you can get money from your shipper. If you end up getting money from the shipper. (It usually takes a little while) then after everything is all done, you might be able to resell the PS4 As Parts Only and make a little money off it.