How To Block Storenvy International Sales

How to block Storenvy international sales.

I created this help article back in 2018 while I was still selling on the original Storenvy Marketplace founded by CEO Jon Crawford.  I no longer sell on Storenvy, so I do not know if this information is still needed or useful. However, I am leaving it on the website in case it is helpful to someone here in the present. - Randy Dreammaker April 2022

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When you sell on the Storenvy Marketplace or other marketplaces that only allow flat rate shipping and have no other means to turn-off international sales outside of your own country, you are forced to be creative with ways to prevent or discourage those shoppers (or credit card fraudsters in some situations) from making a purchase.

Storenvy is one of those marketplaces that have this problem, where only a flat shipping rate can be used and no options built-in to limit or restrict sales to locations you do not want to sell to.

This can be very irritating, especially when you sell to multiple countries but not all countries, since it requires you to input a shipping price for every single kind of shipping option you offer.  I have around 80 different shipping options for my USA sales, one for every weight of class shipping in Ounces, Pounds, Shipping Class (i.e. Media Mail, First Class, US Priority, FedEx, etc)

You have to have a comparable non-USA shipping price entered into each extra country you ship to as well.  It can literally consume hours of your time finding the different prices based on the county, but it also creates the problem of having to have a set-price for all the countries you don't want to ship to.

So how do you prevent or discourage shoppers or international credit card fraudsters from buying your products, specifically on Storenvy?  You have to enter an astronomical cost that will cause 99% of credit card companies to reject the transaction.

In the Storenvy marketplace, the highest allowable value for a shipping rate is $21,474,836.47 and that is enough to make any credit card except maybe Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Donald Trump's to be rejected.

Unfortunately, you can't simply enter $21,474,836.47 as a value and have it accepted, it will return an illegal entry warning message, so you need a magic number to get you there that the Storenvy marketplace will accept.

That magic number is $77,999,999.99 (Don't use comma's enter is as 77999999.99)

But you simply can't enter it that way, you'll need to enter it as 77999999.99 When you have updated all of the shipping rates for the countries you do not want to ship to, this number of 77999999.99  will automatically be converted into the magic number $21,474,836.47

Hope this helps!
Happy selling....