About Global Shipping Program

About Global Shipping Program 

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Bonanza Marketplace Global Shipping - I bet you never thought you would see that in a sentence together, but it's true. For Fourth Quarter 2016 Holiday Season, teamed up with Pitney Bowes to bring you seamless International Shipping.

(Read below for links to information and Opt-In Link Also for links to account for preparing for international sales)

I didn't have time to write out a full review, so I reviewed it on YouTube which covers the following topics (Also read more details below the video):

How much does Bonanza Global Shipping Work?

* A comparison of Ebay Global Shipping and Global Shipping.
* How does Bonanza Global Shipping work?
* Where do I ship my Bonanza Global Shipped packages to?
* What can be shipped with Global Shipping?
* Who processes a package shipped Internationally through Shipping?

How do I get started with Bonanza Global shipping?

1. Read all the information available from (I've provided it above since its always hard to find the information you need on

2. Log Into your seller account

3. Visit the following page, read and agree to the contract and terms of service between you, Bonanza and Pitney Bowes.
At the bottom of this page, there is a check box - click the box.
On the bottom right of the page, click the (ACTIVATE) button to Opt-In.

Should I use Bonanza Marketplace Global Shipping?

Watch the video and read available information to make the best decision for your Bonanza business. Package Tracking?  (Link below goes to the seller and buyer tracking number search on Pitney Bowes for Bonanza Marketplace users:

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