Utah for sale! Need some new direct marketing sale leads? How about the State of Utah.

Utah for sale! Need some new direct marketing sale leads? How about the State of Utah.

Everyone who runs an online business or direct sales business is looking for sales leads. Bur let me ask you a question.  When was the last time you sold something to a shopper in Utah?
Right, Me neither - I've never sold or shipped anything or had a purchase from someone in Utah before. Certainly they buy stuff online, or purchase products from the mail, so why not make it your stuff?

According to Fox New 13 for only $1,050 plus change, you can buy the name, address, age and some phone numbers of every registered voter in the state of Utah.  Makes you glad you don't live in Utah right? Again, me too.

The idea that Utah sells all of its voters information is basically like Google Advertising Utah government style, or in essence, if you're going to vote in Utah, then you are forced to agree to become Utah's advertising property for the privilege.

Utah's residents loss can become your gain, if you are willing to direct market through the mail and pay Utah's money grubbing politicians and government $1,050 for the opportunity.  Maybe they should do a television info-commercial, I can see it in my mind already. Heck, maybe if I am nice, they will let me direct the commercial for them; after all I am a certified Cinematographer with a degree in Advanced Film Production.

Sound to good to be true?  Well guess again, because it is true and here is the link you'll need to download Utah's request form/ You don't even have to leave this article, but don't crash their server by everyone trying to do it at the same time.

In an era when government agencies are getting hacked, major studios like Sony get hacked, medical records get hacker, the big retailers like Target, eBay and others have been hacked. In this writers opinion, States like Utah and California that make personal information available publicly via the internet are being run by people who must be hiding in a cave.  It has always perturbed me that anyone in the world can hop online and search anyone in my own states information for free on websites like Zaba Search, not to mention the those evil public search engines that sell your legal history and more for a few dollars.  Nope, not going to mention them.

If at any point another government, hacker group or serial mad-person wants to invade, victimize or steal someones identity, its very revealing about the poor security, lack of protection and poorly written policies that govern many of these United States of America. But no shocker, if our government can not protect their own computers from invasion, I guess the logic is to save in the expenses required to secure that information and heck, might as well make a profit off of it by selling it.  In fact, why even hassle Russia over the suspected election hacking, just learn from Utah's lead and sell it to the Russians for the 2020 elections and pay off some of those national debts.

Identity Theft in America didn't become a real problem, until local and state entities began selling it and publishing it as "Public Information" online.  But does "Public" really need to include every nation on the globe? Does it even need to be instantly accessible to everyone in a single country?  I think not, Public records need to fall into a narrow scope within each state, and at the most, limited to within the USA.

But in the mean time, why not take advantage of the ignoramus policies created by Utah's leaders and buy their whole State for $1,050.  Might as well make it work for us. I for one could use some extra sales.  Download Utah's Voters Personal Information request form

Want to read more about what information is included in your $1,050.00 purchase?  Here is the direct link to Utah's purchase information

(Photo: U.S. Air Force photo/R. Nial Bradshaw)