What is Mercari W-9 Tax Form?

Mercari W9 What is Mercari 1099K? W9? Am I an individual or Business on Mercari?  Do I have to give Mercari my Social Security Number or ITIN?  Going into 2022 everything changed, and while I hate to be critical or political, the changes impacting online sellers going forward are significant enough, that I have to give credit to those who deserve the credit, even if that means being political.   (Please Note: The information provided is in no way intended to act as legal tax advice. You should confirm any information with your state agencies, the IRS website, or a tax consultant.) You may have read in the news or heard in the news, that Joe Biden and the House Majority in Congress under Nancy Pelosi, have proposed giving the IRS the authority to be mandatorily informed by banks and financial institutions notification and details about all transfers and deposits of any money over $600.   Of course rational moderates and conservatives within both the republican and democrat parties rejec

Understanding Amazon For Resellers

Understanding Amazon For Resellers

As a member of the Angellist community of innovators and who's who in Tech USA, I occasionally receive emails from the Angellist blog

Most of the topics and posts are kind of interesting, but this is the first one I felt was worth mentioning here on SellerThink.

It's recent blog post takes a look at Amazon, and though the title may be a little deceptive "Your Amazon orders could be counterfeits", it's none the less a must read for any who currently sells on Amazon or is thinking about selling on Amazon.

Though personally I do not sell on Amazon for various reasons and never have, I do keep up with its community of sellers, my nephew and his brother are high profile sellers on Amazon and someday, one day, if I should decide to change my own seller format and product line, I may take another look.

That being said, I've read quite a few articles this year with subject titles like, "Is Amazon still a viable option for resellers who are late to the game".

Why you should read this article by Angellist, is because its goes briefly into the history of Amazon as a company, but it also provides some excellent resources that new and current Amazon sellers may want to explore. These are resources for software tools for reselling and a few for marketing.

You may have heard of camel, camel, camel - if not, you should look into it, but camel, camel, camel is not among the provided resources being provided in the Angellist article.  These are resources and tools I personally haven't heard of before, and I make it my business to know as much about every marketplace and reselling tools as possible.  I literally spend hours and hours searching out information.

I believe I have said enough, after all, this is the SellerThink blog and not the Amazon blog or Angelist blog. I've accomplished my goal. I've told you a little bit about the article, and now here is the link to it so you can read it on your own and decide for yourself.

Article Link: