SellerThink 2020 Review of Bonanza Marketplace

SellerThink 2020 Review of Bonanza Marketplace

Today SellerThink released it's annual "Best Places To Sell Online" recommendations for fourth quarter going into the new year. Except unlike in previous years it is doing a TOP FIVE Countdown, and instead of squeezing everything into a 5 minutes video, SellerThink opted to do five full reviews.

Bonanza Marketplace is the first of the five best places to sell online video reviews released to YouTube, coming in fifth place.   The reviews rank various features of each marketplace and tell you what SellerThink hates and loves about each place to sell online.

Perhaps for dramatic presentation, each of the marketplace reviews are being release backwards, from least impressive to most impressive. Starting with #5 - Bonanza.  The first release video does not reveal what the other marketplaces are in advance. Oh the suspense!

Here is the first video review for Bonanza Marketplace 2020.