Abandoned House Trap Minecraft Tutorials

The Abandoned House, Minecraft Bedrock Tutorials

This is a three part video tutorial of SkyThrusters Abandoned House Trap. 

This series of tutorials demonstrates step by step in Minecraft Bedrock on Windows 10 (works for other bedrock and MCPE versions too) how to accomplish and create the following:
  • Create a Clone chest from a different location.
  • Set block door command
  • Set block trapdoor command
  • Set the direction and rotation of a door or trapdoor in a command code.
  • The Door and Trapdoor rotation and direction command numbers.
  • Set Block Redstone_block command
  • Set Block Air command
  • Summon Mobs command
  • Give effect invisibility to Mobs
  • Give a different weapon to Mobs
  • Kill Mobs
  • And one of the most important things to learn for your creations like this one, is how to use command blocks to turn on and off an event that requires a command block to remain active during the event process, to allow another event to happen, but only long enough for that specific event to occur.
  • Using commands and Redstone
Tutorial 2 of 3 picks up where tutorial 1 of 3 left off. In 1 of 3, we created a Minecraft Bedrock Chest with items in it, that are located in a secret place, and cloned into the trap house.

In this second tutorial you'll learn how to extend the triggering cloned chest, to set off a separate chain of events to create iron windows and door to lock the player inside for however long you desire. 

In the final tutorial 3 of 3, I'll teach you some nasty dirty tricks to make your victim suffer.

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