Far Left News Organization MSNBC banned from Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

This morning on 11/18/2021, Far-left progressive news media outlet MSNBC was barred from the remaining court case against Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. (Pending investigation)

This is a stunning blow to the progressive news media organizations which have stoked angry, racial division and protest violence for many years now.  But its unlikely that it will deter similar reporting following the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial verdict and future events. Reporting these kinds of volatile events create massive amounts of advertising money, which is more powerful for some news media sources than the pursuit of legitimate journalism and responsible balanced traditional news.   Similar to CNN showing up at Roger Stone's house the night the FBI invaded in the early morning, "News Organizations" like CNN and MSNBC are willing to break rules, laws and present one sided opinions for the American Dollar.  Many traditional news sources who once profited by being able to capitalize and dominate traditional community television have lost massive amounts of revenue with the introduction of competing news sources via the Internet, Live Streaming, Social Media and freelance independent journalism.

Judge Kicks MSNBC out of court in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial