Kristan Harris Testimony - Banned on YouTube - Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

 The Testimony of Kristan Harris

SellerThink live stream recorded the Kyle Rittenhouse trial at 1080p 60fps and then cut the footage into appropriate segments for our YouTube channel.  YouTube banned quite a few of our videos, despite other channels having unedited versions of similar content.

Why we can only show the Kristan Harris Testimony on Utreon and Not YouYouTube.

Fortunately, in 2021, SellerThink is no longer limited to YouTube. We have a significantly growing community of viewers on the Utreon video service.  It's been in the news since 2016, that YouTube has been heavy handed and censoring content from any channel that has uploaded a video that could be considered, "politically conservative in nature, or shows President, Donald Trump in a positive light".

Back in May 2021, SellerThink uploaded an edited video that has a prophecy from Kim Clement with footage of a rally President Trump held.  The prophecy was overlaid on the live rally footage we captured, because it was very relevant to what the President was saying at the rally, in almost an eerie way.

Without warning, YouTube banned that particular video and gave the SellerThink channel a "Community Warning Strike", which still remains on our channel.  Similar footage had been lived streamed and still remains on YouTube, via "news organizations". 

In our final appeal of that video, we called YouTube out for what it was, "Religious Harassment".  It had nothing to do with the speech obviously, YouTube still has the live stream version up elsewhere. The only difference is, our content had been banned because it associated a very really and still happening Prophetic Word in the video, as aspect of that prophecy were being fulfilled live.

The Testimony of Kristan Harris [Utreon]

Kristan Harris gave Testimony in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial in November 2021.  His was one of about three Testimony videos that YouTube absolutely forbid SellerThink from showing on YouTube.  SellerThink presents the Kristan Harris Testimony on Utreon.  We re-edited it for Utreon, removing a significant amount of the censorship YouTube requires on our videos to show them, but its still heavily edited, with the live recorded video footage originally streamed by the court removed.