Sarah Weddington dies at 76, leaving legacy of genocide

Death of Sarah Weddington trending today, December 28, 2021

Sarah Weddington was best known as a US attorney, whose Roe vs Wade supreme court case created the historically monumental genocide of American babies.

Since the passage of Roe vs Wade in 1973 to her passing away in December 28, 2021, US agency's responsible for tracking legal abortions in the United States of America, estimate 62 million lives have been suffed out in one of the largest genocides in history, covering all ethnicities, races, genders and cultures.

The reality that black babies represent a significant percentage to population wise of the aborted could be pointed out here. But murder is colorblind. 

In 2014, 36% of all abortions were performed on black women, who are just 13% of the female population. 

Quite a large blemish on the hands of those who place such a high value and regard on protecting and rescuing animals and medical treatments to extend the lives of those that were allowed to crawl out of a womb.

The argument of women's rights under the guise of babies being tissue of their own body, allowing them to remove and discard it like an unwanted belly fat of gelatinous cellulite has been hashed out and beaten to death for the last 48 years.

It makes about as much sense as the murder laws that allow a person who punches a pregnant woman, causing the eminent death of a yet to be birthed child to be charged with murder. One legal because it is elective and performed by a licensed butcher with a medical diploma, the other illegal because it occurred as the result of an accidental or intentional action of another.

Spock on Star Trek, would call this illogical.

But instead of repeating that already beaten path, there really is only one true comparision in this regard.

Sarah Weddington, is responsible for all 62 million murders, legal or not. True she was only the attorney that represented the new "right" provided by the corrupt supreme courts of 1973, that absolved a mother of murdering their own heart beating, thinking, breathing, healthy child waiting in her womb.  Yet responsible as will be discussed in comparison to another person actually recognized for his similar actions.

Blame can also be assigned to those persons licensed by the government to find creative ways to rip and shread apart an infant.

How blantantly evil, considering the US has laws that prevent cruel and unusual punishment of a convicted cold blooded multi-mass murderer from being sentenced to death by any means that causes suffering or looks bad on t.v.

One may want to argue that Sarah Weddington is not responsible, but how is that different from Adolph Hitler not being responsible for the death of the Jews and others from September 1, 1939 until his death in 1945?

Like Weddington and the 1973 deciding US Supreme Court judges, Hitler merely provided the reasoning, method and the "authority of the law" behind ethnic cleansing of Jews and non-whites. He didn't carry out the physical act himself. Those acting under the laws of Nazi Germany carried it out.
Yet suggesting Hitler was in any manner justified, is lunacy!

Sarah Weddington and the U.S. supreme court of 1973 going forward into 2021 and presumably beyond have contributed to the murder of 62 million children who were not the result of "rape or medical relief needed to allow the continuence of a mothers life due to medical necessity".

Compare that 62 million in the USA to the 11 million estimated Jews that Adolph Hitler authorized murder of in Germany, to which world courts are still hunting, imprisoning and executing those with any kind of direct or indirect connection.

In 2021 alone, for example, four people with connections to Nazi Germany were found and charged. One woman and three men. One in Canada, one in Germany and two in the USA.

Regardless of how present day culture justifies murder, the blood of 62 million innocent lives carries great eternal significance.

This is not a debate on the existence of God or whether you believe in the existence of a God with established laws and consequences. You may believe in your political ideology, science speculations or merely believe in the general universe subject to the laws of Karma and poetic justice.

One thing well established through out all of history is, "what comes around goes around", "Karama sucks", "Good always triumphs over evil", "everything done in the dark will be brought into the light".  Its a universal principal.