YouTube Cancelled, Father Passed Away and Amazon Blessing

 Thank You

Life happens, and it's not always fun.  Wait, it's rarely fun once you're an adult, it's freaking awesome when your in high school and have your first car, at least it was for me.

Over the past three months beginning on May 23, 2022, my father went into the hospital, YouTube cancelled my six thousand subscribers channel SellerThink that same day and by July my father had passed away.  

It sounds like a really dark movie, staring someone like Jim Carey. He was really dark in his last few movies before his career died for all meaningful purposes.

So in times like these, anything, even things that are insignificant for others can be really big for those traveling though the shadows of life.

I was and still am thankful, very thankful to all of my subscribers on RUMBLE and YouTube and even this website, who made purchases from my SellerThink recommendations and reviews page on Amazon.  

I was shocked, stoked even, to see there was a nice little commission in my account. I had checked the past three months and the most I ever saw in it was 65 cents.   I had gotten discouraged, so to see this commission, in this dark time I am traveling through was a major encouragement.

Thank You.