YouTube Cancelled, Father Passed Away and Amazon Blessing

 Thank You

Life happens, and it's not always fun.  Wait, it's rarely fun once you're an adult, it's freaking awesome when your in high school and have your first car, at least it was for me.

Over the past three months beginning on May 23, 2022, my father went into the hospital, YouTube cancelled and demonetized the six thousand subscribers channel I host for SellerThink that same day and by July my father had passed away.  

It sounds like a really dark movie, staring someone like Jim Carey. He was really dark in his last few movies before his career died for all meaningful purposes.

So in times like these, anything, even things that are insignificant for others can be really big for those traveling though the shadows of life.

I was and still am thankful, very thankful to all of you who have subscribed on RUMBLE and YouTube.  

Update: February 19, 2023 I decided to leave as host of SellerThink and start my own independent channel on YouTube - Randy Dreammaker

I didn't make this decision easily, it's been something that i've been struggling with for over a year, especially since I am basically leaving behind 6,500 subscribers who I enjoy interacting with.  SellerThink has been a great channel to host and if not for that channel, I'd not have been able to buy the Piaggio BV 400 Scooter. I'd been dreaming of a scooter since 1999 but couldn't afford one.

SellerThink made that possible, but then YouTube killed it.  Here is what SellerThink wrote on it's channel in the about section regarding what happened.  I think they address it best.

"Randy has moved to an independent channel on YouTube. We have provided a link below.He has control over his content whether it stays here or he moves it. We have control of other content. SellerThink was demonetized in May 2022 based on a questionable claim by YouTube after we featured live streaming of the court case of Kyle Rittenhouse. Prior to this we were given a warning violation for a video mentioning a prophecy about Donald Trump by Kim Clement in 2021. In 2023 after a recent discussion with YouTube support regarding the locked nature of our channels "Watched Hours", some kind of penalty algorithm seems to have been applied to it. Many YouTube channels that have featured "Conservative content" appeared to have been demonetized at the same time, similar to how Twitter penalized accounts prior to Elon Musk buying it. We understand Randy becoming frustrated with this situation and deciding to move on and wish him the best of luck."

We live in the most blind and veiled culture in US History, where corporations have become so large and in control of so much, that they are no longer accountable to anyone.  They are monopolies that dominate their niche area and because they depend on advertising, they are now led by whatever political trend is the loudest that their advertisers are willing to run their ads on videos.

For over thirteen years now, conservative voices that were the foundation of America have been turned into the enemy on platforms like YouTube, just like what happened to Twitter.  If it wasn't for Elon Musk buying Twitter, the heavy slant wouldn't have been exposed.  Twitter denied it was doing anything wrong even under oath to congress.  Now we know it was lying.  Sitting next to them in many of those hearings was YouTube, and it's still slanting and manipulating its algorithms against specific kinds of contents in favor of other.

It's unfortunate that SellerThink experienced this, it's been a long time channel on YouTube having actually began in 2010, though YouTube shows it as 2013.

It takes as much time and effort to stage, research, film and edit a YouTube video every week, 48 times a year as it does many professional short films.  Not all videos are equal, but were talking about Internet expenses, powerful computers than can render the edited videos, expensive video editing software, cameras, lights, microphones, etc.  It can cost a lot of money in equipment.

It also takes a lot of time, about as much time as a part-time job, and for pennies to be made for most videos.

In 2023 it became even worse, YouTube demonetized and changed their partnership restrictions on tons of channels.  Then they said, "we're going to run commercial ads on everyone's videos, but you're not getting paid if you're not a partner".  The next slap in the face was when YouTube made it possible for anyone to pay to download your videos.  So they're running commercials on your video and not giving you any, and their allowing anyone to steal and download every video on YouTube if they pay for a monthly plan.

YouTube is owned by Google so if you want your videos to be found on the largest monopoly search engine, you have to use YouTube.  That means YouTube alternatives like Utreon and Rumble have to depend on organic search results from lesser known search engines and you.

As a Christian, I don't believe in Karma, but I do believe in the biblical idea of "Sowing and Reaping", which is similar in principle.  If you sow good, you should at some point receive good in return.  If you sow evil, then you'll eventually reap it too.  I think YouTube has a massively enormous bad crop about to be harvested.  I don't know what that will look like, but someone with some money like Elon Musk did with Twitter, or a bunch of someone's with really hungry attorneys, or maybe even a future purged and cleaned up version of the federal government is going to pull their drain plug and it's going to hurt like heck.

Because whether it's Karma or just Sowing and Reaping, YouTube has been planting some really bad stuff and taking all the money from everyone it kicked out of it's partnership program, or won't let into it's partnership program.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll be filming a documentary about it's fall.

Thank You for sticking around during all of these transitions.