Motion Sensing LED Night Light

Perfect time to find this Night Light as the hours of daylight shorten

Amazon Fresh moved into my city so I went to check it out. It was pretty cool, prices were good on some groceries, a bit high on others compared to other grocery stories in the area, and most surprising were some of Amazon's exclusive branded products are actually a little cheaper at Amazon online.

Enough about groceries though, the best thing I came across is something I'd been dreaming about for years, I didn't know they existed, perhaps I just figured they would cost more than I would want to spend.  What it that item?  An LED Motion Detecting Night Light of course!

Amazon Fresh had mailed me a coupon that said if I spent $20, they would give me $10 off, and I love a deal like that.  Unfortunately I couldn't find enough groceries I needed or wanted to buy that day, so when I came across some 9 volt batteries I threw them into the shopping cart.  Next to the batteries were some night lights.  I had no idea how much it was, the price was missing and it was the last one, but since I would be getting a free $10, I threw it into the cart too.

The GE Ultrabrite LED Motion Sensor Night Light turned out to be an amazing find, I was and am still super stoked!  I share a house and my entrance is in the back where there is no light switch by the door. Often when I enter it's been pitch black with a table and chairs careless left pulled out in my path. The only light switch is on the other side of the room.

I'd tried a traditional night light, but they don't give off much light, they get hot, and you have to leave them on all the time, and while I'm not big into Green, I do want to pay the lowest electric bill possible.

This was just what I was looking for. Best of all it's not solar powered! LOL, you ever bought a solar powered light?  They last a month, maybe three if your lucky, and they die the day after their warranty expires.  So I didn't want anything solar powered, which was what I had been considering.  I have solar motion lights around the house.  I bought six of them, only two of them still work.

The GE Ultra Brite led light works in a traditional 120 volt US AC power plug.  It really is bright, brighter than any night light I've used over the years.  The motion detection works great.  It's a welcome friend on a dark rainy or cold winter night when I just want to get inside as fast as possible.

Fortunately, if you do not live near an Amazon Fresh store, you can also buy them on Amazon online here [GE UltraBrite Motion-Activated LED Night Light] This is the one I purchased which has 40 Lumens.

I really like the one I bought which is white, but if you want something a little more cutting edge looking, you can get the GE UltraBrite Motion-Activated LED Night Light in Silver.  Amazon has the Silver model available here as a Two-Pack.

Then there is this [GE LED Ultra-BOOST Motion Light] that has an interesting self adjusting feature. It has a built-in light sensor that turns on with 3 Lumens of light when the sun goes down, till the sun comes back up. When it detects motion, it kicks up to a full 100 Lumens!