Piaggio BV 400 phone app

How do I connect my Piaggio BV 400 to the Piaggio phone app (Android)

Connecting your Piaggio to your android device would seem like it should be fairly simple. After all, its an app and supposed to be friendly to use. But that's not the case.

I spent my first 9 months of ownership trying to figure out to connect the scooter to the phone app.  First there are two different versions of Piaggio app in 2023 on Google Play.

One is the Piaggio Multimedia Platform app, the other is the Piaggio app (Piaggio & C. S.p.A) app

The second mentioned is the correct app. Piaggio (Piaggio & C.S.p.A).  The first one (Piaggio Multimedia Platform app) is old.

Once you get the correct app installed, you need to connect it to your scooter.  The instructions in the book really do not explain how to do it very well, so I will give you some tips.

When you turn on your Piaggio (This doesn't mean start the engine, it just means powering on the scooter so the display LCD panel lights up and shows all the controls on the scooter).  I spent multiple times trying to juggle turning on the app, flip the ignition switch to power on the display and start the engine on the scooter at the same time.  Don't do what I did. You don't need to.

You'll need to create an account in the app, and select your scooter. This is one of the areas that took me longest to figure out. Here in the USA, this scooter is the Piaggio BV 400 or BV 400s.  In the rest of the world it's the Beverly 400 Euro 5.  I tried to connect it to the Piaggio BV 400 option in the selectible scooters. It never worked.  It wasn't until 9 months later, I decided to give it one last shot, and I decided to try the Beverly 400 Euro 5 instead.  That worked.

When you turn bluetooth on your phone and switch your bike to power on the display, you'll see the connect option on your scooter display flashing. It looks like a message speech bubble. On your phone bluetooth screen you'll see two different bluetooth options for your scooter.  You want to choose the one that kinda looks like an old style bluetooth earpiece.  

You'll need to give the Piaggio app exclusive rights to run without battery optimization, location enable and another mandatory request that the app will display while your starting up the app.

Piaggio BV 400 Phone App

So to be clear, I've only gotten the statistical side of the app to work, not the multimedia features. It's kind of of strange because my bluetooth earpiece can connect to the phone and control the audio fine, but the app connection to the scooter I haven't been able to figure out yet.  For me, that's ok, because it took 9 months to just figure out how to get the statistics.

The statistics show a small map of your location, how long your recent trip since you connected to the app has been.  If you stop and refuel, it will indicate that too.  How many miles you've driven, your average miles per gallon (My MPG within the city has been 50 miles per gallon), you average speed and your top speed.

If find all of those statistics really useful.  I'll let you grab your owners manual and figure out the multimedia said of things on your own.  The two dealers I spoke with between San Diego to Los Angeles were not very hip on how to use or connect the scooter to the app, which is kind of disappointing considering they're dealers.

Anyway, I hope these little bits of information make it fast and easy to get connected.  You'll need Android 8 or higher for the current 2023 version of the app at the beginning of the year.